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The level of interest we have been seeing in the upcoming land presale has far and away exceeded our expectations - particularly around the purchasing of entire Regions - and we know that many players are concerned about being able to get the land they would like in the first presale stage before it sells out.

While we are not planning to increase the amount of land available in the presales or in total from the amounts we originally announced and committed to, we do nevertheless want to ensure that the land is distributed in a fair and unbiased manner and not based upon things like player time zones, internet connection speeds, or Hive blockchain node response times.

As a result, we will be implementing a lottery system for the purchase of Regions (or the equivalent amount of Tracts or Plots) in each of the three land presales. Starting on Monday, November 2nd, 2020, players who are interested in purchasing either a full Region, 10 Tracts, or 1000 Plots may pre-pay for their purchase using either DEC or Credits through the in-game shop and be entered into the lottery. Each account may only enter the lottery once and only for the purchase of a single Region, 10 Tracts, or 1000 Plots. The shop page will show a running counter of the number of entries there are in the lottery in total so far.

27 out of the 30 total Regions worth of land will be available to lottery participants. On Saturday, November 7th, at 15:00 UTC - one hour before the first presale is scheduled to begin - if 27 or fewer players have entered the lottery, then each of them will receive their claim tokens and any remaining land will be available for purchase during the presale as normal.

In the event that more than 27 players have entered the lottery, then at the time that the lottery ends (specified above), 27 of them will be chosen at random in a provably fair and verifiable manner based on unpredictable data from the first Hive blockchain block produced on or after the lottery end time.

The 27 players who are randomly chosen in the lottery will receive their claim tokens and any remaining players will have their DEC or Credits automatically and instantly refunded to their in-game accounts.

Once the presale begins, the three Regions (3,000 Plots) that were not available in the lottery will be available for Tract and Plot purchases only on a first-come-first-served basis. This is to allow players who wish to purchase less than a full Region of land to also have an opportunity to participate in the first presale. At this point the maximum purchase for a single transaction will be 1 Tract or up to 100 Plots.

For anyone who may have missed it, full details about the land presales and the planned expansion to the game can be found in the following posts:


Any player who purchased Credits for use in the first land presale and was not able to get the land, either in the lottery or otherwise, may request a refund by contacting us via email at

Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible but may take some time depending on volume and other factors. Refunds will be paid in the same currency used for the Credits purchase(s). Payments made using cryptocurrency will be refunded in the exact amount of cryptocurrency tokens that were paid to Splinterlands, regardless of any price fluctuations of that cryptocurrency token in USD terms between the time of the initial payment and the time of the refund.

Participation in Future Presales

That being said, we would very much like to encourage anyone who is not able to get land in the first presale to consider holding on to their Credits or DEC tokens in order to participate in the second and/or third presale stages.

While the discounts are less for the second and third presale stages as compared to the first, they are nevertheless still quite significant discounts to the base price for what we expect will be a very scarce asset in the game. 150,000 plots may sound like a lot, but it's actually quite a small amount, especially considering the level of interest we have seen since the announcement and before beginning any real external promotion. Once the initial 150k plots are sold then the only way to get land on Praetoria will be on the market from existing players who purchased it during these sales.

Additionally, players who entered the first presale Region lottery and were not chosen will receive a random Legendary Totem if they purchase a Region (or equivalent number of Tracts or Plots) in either the second or third land presale stages. Totems are expected to be awarded in January of 2021 once the land presale raffle is completed.

Players who entered but were not chosen in the first lottery will also be able to receive a premium spot in the second land presale lottery, which will work as follows:

  • If more than 27 players enter the lottery for the second land presale who also entered and were not chosen in the first lottery, then they are the only ones who will be able to participate in the lottery for the second land presale.
  • If 27 or fewer players enter the second lottery who also entered and were not chosen in the first lottery, then they will all be guaranteed to get a Region in the second presale and any remaining Regions up to the total of 27 will be available in the second lottery to other participants.
  • If all players who enter the first presale lottery receive their Region, then all 27 Regions will be available in the second presale lottery which will be open to all players.

If you enter and are not chosen in the first land presale lottery, then you will just need to enter into the second land presale lottery when it is available with the required amount of DEC or Credits from the same account in order to be eligible. The system will keep track of the players who were not chosen in the first lottery and those spots will be reserved as described above.

Please note that players who request a refund for Credits purchased to enter the first land Region presale lottery will not be eligible for free totems or a guaranteed spot in future presale lotteries.

Finally, don't forget that players will receive a raffle ticket for each dollar spent in any of the three presales. That means that players who purchase land in the second and third presale stages will receive more raffle tickets than players who bought the same amount of land in the first presale stage, which could lead to winning some really awesome and valuable prizes! Raffle tickets will also be tradeable tokens that can be bought and sold on external markets.

Uniswap Liquidity Provider Rewards Update

While we're on the topic of getting land, we wanted to give an update on the rewards for liquidity providers in the DEC-ETH Uniswap pool. More details about the Uniswap pool and liquidity provider rewards can be found in the following posts:

Sunday, November 1st, 2020 will mark the end of the first 30 day period for the Uniswap liquidity provider rewards. 1000 land plot claims will be divided amongst the participants in the liquidity pool based on their percentage of the total pool over the 30 day period. Please keep in mind that the ~$50k of liquidity provided by Splinterlands will be excluded from the rewards calculations.

At the time of writing, 98 players are set to receive 1 or more free plots, 25 players are set to receive 10 or more free plots, and the top contributor is set to receive nearly 100 free plots - just for providing liquidity to the pool! Land plot rewards for liquidity providers will be given out shortly after the first presale is completed.

November 2nd, 2020 will start the second 30-day period in which another 1000 free land plot claims will be given out to liquidity providers during the period. We expect that a significant portion of the current liquidity may be removed from the pool in order to participate in the first land presale, in which case it may provide a great opportunity for players to grab a larger percentage of the pool - and the rewards - than was possible during the first period.

Finally, we also want to remind everyone that in addition to the free land plots, there will also be 100,000 raffle tickets distributed to Uniswap liquidity providers based on their percentage of the total pool over the full 90 day period from Oct 3rd - Dec 31st, 2020.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.


Each account may only enter the lottery once and only for the purchase of a single Region, 10 Tracts, or 1000 Plots

What is the difference between these three options? They are all the same number of total plots. Is it that if you buy a region, all your 1000 plots will be in that region, whereas if you buy 1000 Plots they might be scattered? Does this affect what NFT you receive for participating in the pre-sale?

Copying some comments by @byzantinist on discord that help explain.


If you opt for 10 Tracts there is no guarantee of a Castle. And no guarantee the 10 Tracts will be in the same Region (they will probably be in different Regions). If you opt for 1000 Plots there are no guarantees of any Keeps. And they will likely be spread among different Tracts and Regions.


The main advantage to 10 Tracts or 1000 Plots is they can be distributed immediately and so you don't have to "trust" the token holder for a year until lands are released

Also putting a small upvote on my original comment for visibility.

We can always count on the team to come up with a great solution to the land uncertainty. Thanks!

Wow... this is so good on so many levels!

First, I think its an absolutely brilliant solution to the issues we raised!

Second, and more importantly, this shows once again that you guys DO LISTEN to the community and focus on solutions based on that feedback.

That's why I've been around this game from the beginning and plan to stay around for many many MANY years!

Awesome job, you guys knocked it out of the park... Great solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's a solid compromise/solution

Best of luck to those who are able to invest the quantity needed to participate in this. Some pretty good stuff, so look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Looks like its set up so the Whales will get to buy up all the land cheap, with only 3000 plots left, doesnt leave much for everyone else and will be be gone real quick.

Really wish it was set up different like say for example have a limit of 10 plots available per player the 1st 24 hours then take the limit off after.
Would be fairer for all the poor peasants giving everyone a chance to buy 1-10 plots for the 50% discount instead of 27 whales gettin all the land for the best price.

More bad news for anyone who isn't super wealthy.

I think you need to leave more land available for the 'tract and plot' purchase in the first pre sale given that proportionately more people will be buying in at that level compared to the super rich buying in at the region level, who already get more of a discount for their larger purchase.

The goal this time is to raise funds for the project so it makes sense for them to sell it as fast as possible to whoever possible even if it is one person.

I'm sad about this because most likely, the Lands will get sold out before I get the chance to pay my $10.

But I guess this can't be helped, @splinterlands never expected this much interest in the lands system, and the compromise they did is better than letting one person buy all of the regions in the first minute. Now they learned the lesson for when they make the next expansion.

I also believe many whales will re-sell their regions at prices cheaper than the next Pre-sale stage. %10 of $7500 is still $750 profit for them.

Im not sure i agree that it makes sense.
To maximize funding wouldn't you want the little fish to buy first?
These are the people who are less likely to buy at the higher prices.
Plus each small purchase is worth more money to the devs.

Its true, there will definitely be reselling. My concern there is that they will know the rarity of the land at that point since its randomly generated like packs. This means those cheaper lands will likely be lower quality.

I guess well see what happens...

As far as I understood, the rarity of the lands will only be revealed after the all presales end. All purchases will give the same token type which hides the rarity until then.

My concern there is that they will know the rarity of the land at that point since its randomly generated like packs. This means those cheaper lands will likely be lower quality.

If that isn't so, it wouldn't be fair at all. Read this:

How will redeeming claim tokens work when the land is released?
When the expeditions are completed and the land is released (which is expected to be in Q2 - Q3 of 2021), players will be able to redeem PLOT, TRACT, and REGION tokens for the associated number of unrevealed land plot NFT cards. The unrevealed land plot cards will show only the location of that specific plot which will be viewable on a visual map. This means that you have received specific plots at specific locations from the exploration company, but you have not actually gone and explored that land to see what lies within.

Those unrevealed land plot NFT cards will then be able to be "explored" in order to receive a land plot NFT card which will reveal all of the details of the plot, including the type of land, the category of the land, the rarity, and whether or not it contains any special buildings. Both explored and unexplored land plot NFTs will be transferrable and tradeable on the markets.

That's the same thing I understood.
That being said, my understanding is also that lands won't be tradeable until that same time.
While I'm sure some will sell "unexplored land" I would expect a lot of people to explore first.
But that is conjecture on my part, I know I would explore everything before selling, but it is true, I have seen "pack resellers" in every presale I've ever participated in.

Yeah, that's a problem too.

My concern there is that they will know the rarity of the land at that point since its randomly generated like packs.

I guess if Splinterlands team has expected this much demand, they would have done things differently.

That's true. It sounds like they were caught totally by surprise.
At least that's a good sign for the game.

My thoughts are the same. If they made only 15-20 regions for whales, I'll be happy. 27 is just too much. I hope I'll be early enough :)

I'm seriously thinking now about just leaving my DEC in the uniswap pool - If there's that much interest, there's going to be a LOT of people looking to sell land later on.

there's going to be a LOT of people looking to sell land later on.

Yeah...... but at what price. Maybe you'll get a better deal there. But I'd prefer not to take a risk. Maybe you could spend part on Land pre-sale and keep the rest on the pool 😃

I've actually now gone in for 10 plots as part of a pool, so at least I'll have 10 plots next to each other, and I should get around 20-30 from the Pool stake, so altogether I think that will do me for now!

As someone who plans to buy a single tract, this is bad for me. I will have to compete with all the single tract buyers, but now the supply is only 30 tracts in the first presale, instead of the original 300.

I get why the region sales are randomized, but why wouldn't you randomize tract sales as well?

Why don't you join a region pool? Saves you 100k dec and you get free randomness

Where can I join one?

think @cryptoreaper is organizing one.

talked to him, thanks

This definitely seems to be screwing over tract buyers in favor of region buyers. I was on the fence for buying land or not, but at this rate I'm probably going to pass.

So...... the first rounds go to the whales huh? Nobody who wants to spend a mere $10/$20 is going to get a shot at this first go.


I mean, I HOPE I'm wrong, but it just doesn't feel like it this time.

I will give this my upvote, I am but a simple player with simple booster packs. To own land among the splinters and to produce potions and spells would be astounding!

whelp I was aiming to try and buy 1 tract during the first round of sales, sounds like that is gonna be quite hard to pull off if you guys are anticipating that many people diving in too buy a full region!

it is very good and excellent decesion

End of season rewards soon and land the next day? :) Can't wait to get a crack at the new upgrades

What a spectacular set of adjustments. Light years beyond fair and considerate to the base. This is better than I ever could've imagined since the land sale was announced.
That is why this game is unlike anything else anywhere in blockchain gaming.

Is that sarcasm?

No. All of what I said was serious. Thanks for the comment.


I saved up 20k to buy 2 plots. Looks like thats useless, should probably sell my dec which price is still high.


I will definitively try to purchase some lands next week.
Happy settlers weeks.

bit of land for me horses would be nice @splinterlands

I have a small / big problem and I ask for help to solve it!
About 2 hours ago I transferred 86000 DEC from Splinterlands to my ethereum wallet (MetaMask) via the site wizard.

I made this transfer because I wanted to add liquidity to Uniswap and participate in the distribution of prizes for the launch of "Land" offered by the Splinterlands team.

But now the funds on the Splinterlands wallet are gone, but they are not even on my ethereum wallet and I don't know how to recover or track these funds since there is no trace on "etherscan" either.

Can you help me, please? @splinterlands team

Best game ever things for those with lot of $$$. Classic american logic...

Dear @splinterlands thanks for this update. I am a bit concerned about the use of some words... you have used together fairness and your wish to allow every player to be able to get some plots. If that is the case... what was the point to open a pre- presale called LOTTERY where only whom has got more than 7.5k dollars could partecipate???? I mean there were 30k plots available.

There will be a lottery for 27k plots of the pre sale where already 44 people have invested so almost everyone will get a region.

All the rest of people that haven't got chance to partecipate to the lottery with 7.5k dollars will be fighting to get only 3k plots divided the thousands of people that would like to be a plot owner.

Personally I don't think that this is a fair way to do that... I would have considered 10 regions as lottery and not 27 out of 30 as in this way only who has got money will be advantaged by this.

I hope that my comment does make sense and I look forward to receive a reply from you.

Kind regards,