Splinterlands End of Season Update

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The current Splinterlands ranked play season is scheduled to end on Tuesday, 9/15 at 8:00 UTC. There have been some unanticipated issues this season as a result of being in a transition period between the second and third phases of the collection power update, and we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we work through those issues.

We anticipate that the third phase of the collection power update (which you can read more about here) will resolve the problems that some players are facing currently, and that is why we have pushed the release date of the next update up to 9/15 instead of the end of the month as originally planned.

In the meantime, we want to address the leaderboard prizes for the current season. While we will be releasing separate leaderboards for each league with the update scheduled for this Tuesday, the current leaderboard is intended for Champion league players only. The fact that it is showing players from lower leagues who have been able to reach Champion I level ratings is an unintended side-effect of the recent collection power changes.

It would not be fair, nor is it intended, that players who were facing much weaker competition in lower leagues are able to take leaderboard rewards from the Champion league players, so for this season we will only consider players who have played in the Champion league for the majority of the season in the leaderboard rankings. The Splinterlands website will be updated to reflect this change as well before the end of the season so that players can see the accurate leaderboard rankings and rewards that will be awarded.

Additionally, there were a few players who were pushed into a higher league due to having received unwanted card delegations during the season. It should never be the case that one player can directly affect another player's league or otherwise cause negative effects via in-game actions. This issue will be fixed with the changes on Tuesday, as players will now be able to choose whether or not to move up to the next league, but we take full responsibility for it and the negative experience a small number of players received as a result during the current season. If anyone affected by this issue would like to discuss it further, we encourage you to reach out to @yabapmatt on the Splinterlands Discord server after the release on Tuesday.

While there have certainly been a few bumps in the road, and there most likely will be some more to come, we are very excited for the upcoming update and we expect that the changes will lead to a much healthier system going forward which will greatly benefit all players and card holders in the long run.

We also have a number of extremely promising new features, integrations, and partnerships in the works that should set Splinterlands up for a really exciting end to an incredibly crazy year!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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You have done a magnificent job of keeping us informed and listening to the issues. I know people don't always say "thanks" or "good job" when something changes, but I have definitely noticed the change. This listening and communication have made the transition much much smoother. While some people might still be upset, I would argue most of it is due to the loss of the over-payout that was given out to almost everyone. So I want to say, thank you for focusing on your customers and for the great communication. If I was a teacher grading you, I'd say you've gone from a C to an A+! ;) Keep it up :)

So, you say, if customers are saying new system is making problems, then they are no longer customers but upset people? Then, you say, Splinterlands listening to the issues and is focusing on customers (requests), most probably IMO you are showing here that only 'mavericks' are customers that are listened by Splinterlands? Come on!

Most notably thing is that a problem manifested in top league was only moved to low levels leagues, not solved, most probably IMO thinking that nobody would complain. I am sure that these low leagues are customers, and greater in numbers, that are also equally intelligent humans. Read
Also read all comments by all customers.

Come on!

I just went from 4600 rating (but still in gold...) to 1400 rating. This system is stupid on so many levels...

Hopefully in a few months we forget all about this transition period and will be discussing something else splinterlands related. Appreciate the update and best of luck implementing phase 3!

When land?

Now you are rewarding just the people who have money to buy cards, I reached high leagues because I played well not because of buying cards. I've enough rating to be in champion II but because of not having "power" I'm stuck in the gold league. This isn't fear or good for the game, this is just pay to win

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So for this season we will only consider players who have played in the Champion league for the majority of the season in the leaderboard rankings.

This is totally vague.

How long is majority of the season?

For example, I have been in Champions League for at least 4 days now having struggled to get there all season long despite having Lvl 6 - 8 summoners and monsters, mostly because I was being matched with maxed out decks.

Does that mean I will lose the rewards I have toiled for this season?

This only applies to the Untamed packs given out to the top 50 players in the leaderboard. Loot chest rewards are not changed.

Good to hear. Thanks for the update.

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I understand the issue with cards being printed out a too high rate and something needs to be done about it, but nothing being done to the endless amount of bots, those same bot owners now just rent gold cards or delegate from their main accounts and continue to rape the rewards pool even now after the update. Leaving even less rewards to real humans and new players.

The new players (actual humans) that joins the game will suffer too much and just give up. At least at the lower leagues like bronze and silver don't spam useless potions so much.

I am a least only capped to the Gold leagues now so can still grow with my quest and DEC rewards.

Now think of a new player only making 0.5 DEC per win and only getting 1 or 2 chests for a quest rewards and then getting potions most days. This will be utter hell for them. There are also customers being punished for things done by bot owners.

Just my 2 cents.

I am very excited for the new season already!

Of course I am disappointed to be "robbed" of the chance to End a season in the top50 for once. On the other hand, I understand the problem. Imo you should have rewarded those who managed to be top50 from a lower league at least with some cards to be fair - it requires skill and was a time investment as well.

Anyway, I am looking forward to separated leaderboards. This will be great.

One thing that will be very important to prevent:

That people play and accumulate ranking in a higher league and drop down to dominate the leaderboard of a lower league in the end of the season.
I would like to compete in gold league only if there are some prices, but NOT if I am getting the prices stolen by champions league players in the end.

To a certain extent I'm a fan of the changes, and also not. Striking the right balance to keep everyone happy probably isn't going to happen. I think I'd be concerned if I was investing in these NFT's for some sort of financial gain down the road, but as a player who games strictly for fun I don't mind it. Splinterlands is a great game as a sort of accessory to the hive block chain. I view it as a fun add on or way to engage with the space if I don't feel like blogging.

But as a game that will compete with other games... I'm dubious. I've been trading and investing in crypto since around 2010 and I wouldn't invest in the game with an eye to make profit. It's a bit slow and clunky, graphics aren't great, and there's not enough monetary reward to keep me gaming for strictly reward. If my season rewards were the dominant reason behind me playing then I wouldn't play. If Splinterlands is aiming to draw players in based on the rewards they offer then of course the changes are a wide miss. But it's a tough balance to strike to fend off exploitation of the rewards so it makes sense I guess.

However, I see no problem with bigger rewards for players who invested more as they invested more. Nothing is for free and they are the big spenders. If you want a more valuable and powerful vote then you buy more hive, if you want more valuable rewards and bigger prizes then invest in the game to achieve that. Having said all this I do enjoy the strategy and set up. Yes it's clunky and a bit naff but it's fun. It's a statement to the fact block chain gaming has come a long way since the days of dice and faucets. Granted bots can get on my tit when they are all I'm getting matched against, but they do serve a purpose so meh. I've bitched about them before. I've grown to understand they have a role.

The real changes that would be awesome to see are arena changes, new powers for cards, upgrades and more detail in the graphics, alternate sound tracks to arenas if they make them, a more varied gaming ecosystem, etc etc. Again I game for fun not investment. I've never really cared if the cards go up or down. Cryptocurrency is a high risk investment no matter what you're buying into. Splinterlands NFT's would be sky high risk that I wouldn't chance. But if you game for fun and are comparing the cost of a reasonable deck to the cost of other games or consoles then it's not so bad. There is the lottery ticket chance you may score a gold legendary or something as well. Though it's not likely unless you've invested serious dough to get that sort of reward. So as a gamer who games for enjoyment the changes are cool. Don't mind them. As long as things like graphics and presentation/functions and abilities continue to broaden then rock on @splinterlands. I'll happily keep playing.

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