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As the third and final Splinterlands land presale stage quickly approaches, we wanted to provide some additional information about Totems, which are one of the main items to be given away as part of the Splinterlands land presale raffle which will be drawn in January.

The following information was provided about Totems in the Splinterlands Land Expansion Details post:

Magical items known as "Totems" have been discovered scattered across the lands of Praetoria. These ancient artifacts from civilizations long forgotten have been imbued with magical energy that can provide significant benefits to players that can harness them.

Each Totem will be a tradeable NFT item just like the existing Monster and Summoner game cards and the upcoming Land Plot cards, and they can be placed in buildings to provide specific benefits.

Each totem will provide one very specific type of benefit, for example it may speed up Death Splinter Item card minting time, increase the rate of Sparkstone harvesting, or reduce the maintenance cost of a Farm building.

Totems will have Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities, with the more rare versions giving larger benefits than more common ones.

Initially, Totems will ONLY be available as prizes in the Splinterlands Land Raffle, which you can read more about in the Official Land Presale Announcement post, however, once the land expansion is live there will be additional ways that players may come across these rare and valuable items which have yet to be revealed!

The raffle will give out a total of 31,200 Totems as prizes - 25,000 Common, 5,000 Rare, 1,000 Epic and 200 Legendary - as specified in the original land presale announcement post.

The Totems to be awarded in the raffle were recovered during some initial scouting expeditions to Praetoria, as the three exploration companies prepare to fully chart the new lands. They don't yet know what each Totem does, or what benefits they provide, but they are able to tell how rare and powerful they are by measuring the amount of magical energy that emanates from them.

This means that when the raffle prizes are awarded, players will only know the rarity of the Totem they receive. At that time the Totems will be represented by four fungible tokens (one for each rarity) which can be transferred in-game and bought/sold on the Hive Engine exchange.

Once the land expansion is released the Totem tokens will be able to be traded in for individual Totem NFT tokens which will then reveal the exact amount and type of benefit that they each provide.

Additional Totems

While the initial scouting expeditions were able to recover a significant number of Totems, a review of ancient texts about the land of Praetoria has revealed that the recovered Totems account for approximately half of all of the Totems that existed.

Scholars expect that there are around 30,000 - 50,000 additional Totems still scattered across the lands which may be discovered over time by the new land owners as they work the land to mine and harvest resources. Based on the age of the Totems and the level of volcanic and seismic activity in the area, many Totems may be buried deep underground and they expect it will take years for all of the remaining Totems to be discovered.

Overall, this means that at launch, assuming all available land plots are sold, there will only be enough Totems in existence for about 1 in 5 plots to have one, and obviously far fewer will be able to have Rare, Epic, and Legendary Totems. Even after all of the Totems are discovered it is expected that there will only be enough Totems to cover roughly half of the available land plots, and only around 500 of them will be Legendary!

Also please note that there will be an additional 22 Legendary Totems given out to players who participated in the first land presale region lottery and were not chosen as mentioned in this post. These totems are expected to be awarded shortly after the raffle drawing is completed.

Totem In-Game Value

While we cannot speculate on or guarantee that the Totems will have any value outside of the game, we can offer some insights into how Totems will be used and what value they may offer to land owners in the game.

As mentioned previously, each Totem will give a boost to a specific type of resource or other aspect of production on the land. This means that while there will be 200 Legendary Totems in total to start, there will be far fewer Legendary Totems that give a boost to Virtulium production (the main component used for Life Splinter Item & Spell crafting), for example. The same goes for Totems of the other rarities.

Let's assume for this exercise that a Legendary Totem will double the base production rate of a specific resource. That would mean that having a Legendary Totem on a plot of land is effectively like having two of that plot (even a little better actually since you won't have to build and upgrade two buildings or have double the Monster and Summoner cards to work it).

If it's just a basic, common plot that may not be a big deal, but what if it's an Overflowing (Legendary) plot with a magical resource such as Virtulium? This is effectively the land plot equivalent of a gold foil legendary card.

If you have a Legendary Totem on that plot, then it will be as if you have two Overflowing, Magical land plots. From that perspective, each Totem can be considered to be worth at least the same value as the best (most rare / highest production) plot of land on which it can be used.

How to Get Raffle Tickets

Once again - the ONLY way to get Totems before the land expansion is released and they start to be slowly discovered by land owners is to participate in the upcoming Splinterlands Land Raffle.

There are two main ways to get raffle tickets - the first is by participating in the land presale. Players will receive one raffle ticket for every dollar spent in the presale. This applies to purchases made using both Credits and DEC tokens.

The final stage of the presale will begin on Saturday, December 19th, 2020, but you can enter the lottery on the Splinterlands website right now to make sure you get a chance to get your land in case it sells out. There are 30,000 plots available in total in the final stage of the presale and they will only be available until they either sell out or the end of the year (whichever comes first). At that point it will no longer be possible to get any more raffle tickets from participating in the land presale!

For those of you who feel that you missed out on the larger discounts from the first two land presale stages, we want to remind you that it's often possible to get land in the third stage at a similar or even larger discount than was offered in the past by using DEC tokens purchased on external exchanges.

DEC tokens can always be redeemed in the Splinterlands shop at a rate of 1000 DEC to $1 USD, but they can often be found trading for less than that on the following third-party exchanges:

Uniswap Rewards

The second way to get raffle tickets is by providing liquidy to the ETH-DEC pool on Uniswap. The current Uniswap liquidity provider promotion will run through December 31st, 2020, so there are only a few weeks left to participate!

There are 1,000 Land Plot claims up for grabs that will be distributed between liquidity providers based on their total share of the pool between December 1st and December 31st, and there are 100,000 raffle tickets to be distributed to liquidity providers based on their share of the total pool between October 3rd and December 31st.

It's still not too late to participate as the liquidity in the pool is currently at its lowest rate since right after the promotion started. That means that current liquidity providers will receive a far higher share of the rewards per dollar of liquidity provided than at any point in the past. Please also keep in mind that the ~$50k worth of liquidity provided by Splinterlands will NOT be included in the reward payouts!

For more information about the Uniswap promotion please see the following posts:

Last Chances to Enter

The Uniswap promotion ends on Dec. 31st, and the final land presale will end either when all 30,000 plots sell out or Dec. 31st as well, so this is your last chance to get raffle tickets and grab your share of the rare and powerful Totems plus over $100,000 in other prizes - including the grand prize of an entire REGION!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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in other prizes - including the grand prize of an entire REGION!

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