Splinterlands TELEGRAM Trivia Contest! This SUNDAY! 7:30PM UTC🤓15 BOOSTER PACK PRIZE!🤓

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Telegram Trivia spring forward.png

Telegram Trivia Contest!

🌌LIVE in Telegram!🌌

When: THIS SUNDAY, April 11th, 7:30 PM UTC

(12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST)
Not in the US? You can use this World Time Converter to find out what time to be online!

What: A Trivia Contest!

Questions will consist of everything Splinterlands related: stats, card rarities, and names, and of course, Lore! Hosted by your favorite Telegram Mod @grapthar!

There will be a combination of question/answer form and multiple-choice questions, so study up a bit, and come and have some fun!

Where: Telegram

Telegram Headquarters!
Telegram is a social messaging application, much like Discord.
Not in the Splinterlands Telegram? Join HERE.

Check-in: 20 minutes before start time

That's 7:10PM UTC/ 12:10PM PST/ 3:10PM EST

About those Prizes...

  • 1st Place: 7 BOOSTER PACKS
  • 2nd Place: 5 BOOSTER PACKS
  • 3rd Place: 3 BOOSTER PACKS

April 3rd Trivia Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Are you joining us this week???

First Place - @giemo !

Second Place - @lealharold !

Third Place Tie - @cutieneer !

Make sure to study up on your stats, facts, and lore. We're coming for you!

See you there!


Rewards for this post are sent to grapthar. Thanks for running TRIVIA!


Was a very fun experience. I try to join tomorrow as well :)

A participar , soy nuevo en el juego y veré si tengo suerte saludos

Claro que si, solo tienes que conocer las tarjetas y veras que es divertido

Thanks see you there