Splinterlands TELEGRAM Trivia Contest! This Saturday! 8:30PM UTCπŸ€“15 BOOSTER PACK PRIZE!πŸ€“

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Telegram Trivia Contest!

🌌LIVE in Telegram!🌌

When: THIS Saturday, February 13th, 8:30 PM UTC

(12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST)
Not in the US? You can use this World Time Converter to find out what time to be online!

What: A Trivia Contest!

Questions will consist of everything Splinterlands related: stats, card rarities, and names, and of course, Lore! Hosted by your favorite Telegram Mod @grapthar!

There will be a combination of question/answer form and multiple-choice questions, so study up a bit, and come and have some fun!

Where: Telegram

Telegram Headquarters!
Telegram is a social messaging application, much like Discord.
Not in the Splinterlands Telegram? Join HERE.

Check-in: 20 minutes before start time

That's 8:10PM UTC/ 12:10PM PST/ 3:10PM EST

About those Prizes...

  • 1st Place: 7 BOOSTER PACKS
  • 2nd Place: 5 BOOSTER PACKS
  • 3rd Place: 3 BOOSTER PACKS

January 30th Trivia Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Are you joining us this week???

First Place - @warrentrx!

Second Place Tie - @elclements!

Third Place Tie - @nickelbunker!

Make sure to study up on your stats, facts, and lore. We're coming for you!

See you there!


Rewards for this post are sent to grapthar. Thanks for running TRIVIA!