The Secrets of the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice - Final Reveal!

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The Wizards' Council has uncovered the remaining secrets of the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice which they have revealed before their upcoming release into the Splinterlands tomorrow! Those who haven't been following the Wizards' Council or the great explorer Jyitu Burudo can catch up on recent events in the following reports:

Additionally, Jyitu wanted to remind everyone that he will ONLY accept Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) as payment for his ΛZMΛRÉ Dice!

Mortis (Death Splinter)

The Wizards' Council has decoded the dark energy signatures for the Mortis (Death Splinter) essences contained within the dice - as well as the remaining Dragon Splinter Summoner - as a result of their continued research...

Owster Rotwell

Owster Rotwell is the new 3-Mana Summoner for the Death Splinter. He grants all friendly Monsters the Magic Reflect ability so they can send some Magic attack damage back to their attackers!

Owster is one of the only living souls allowed to tournament summon for the Dark Eternals. He was discovered years ago in a Mount Mox cave by the Lord of Darkness, and is entirely unwilling to leave the shelter of the mountain. The Dark Lord, convinced that Owster would make a powerful death summoner, spent vast resources providing a remote Dark Eternal education to the boy. Now that he is a man, Owster Rotwell represents the Dark Lord's eyes and ears at Mount Mox, from whose grounds he never moves.

Marrow's Ghost

Marrow's Ghost is a new Common Monster for the Death Splinter with special Void Armor that blocks Magic attacks as well as Melee and Ranged attacks. If you can get through his armor, though, he is very easy to take down with only one Health.

Marrow was once the mightiest Ogre in the Burning Lands. Day after day he sat at the highest point of Ogrewatch, a fact which signified that he was not only the biggest, but the strongest of the Ogres. Marrow relished in the idea that there were none like him, and no matter how many Ogres tried to overtake his precipice, he would cut them down one by one.

Through the years, Marrow became complacent in his high position, thinking that nothing would ever topple his power. The Ogres stopped trying, and Marrow became lonely. He would shout at the rocks themselves, he would issue challenges to the sky. One night, Marrow’s call was answered by a dark Shade spirit. The Shade tricked Marrow into signing the Dark Contract, then taunted him until Marrow took one step too far. The Ogre fell hard, bringing a great avalanche down on Ogrewatch and burying his broken body beneath.

Marrow is not whole Dark Eternal, nor is he living. He appears throughout the Splinterlands, haunting those who have become carried away with their own skills or powers, perhaps to remind them that the mightiest always fall.


The new Legendary Death Splinter card is none other than the extremely powerful being of legend - Cthulhu! He can Fly and his Magic attacks can Stun and Cripple his targets (reducing their maximum Health by 1) and he also Weakens his enemies. Finally, he has the Last Stand ability so if he is the last Monster left alive on his team then he gains significantly increased stats to finish off his enemies!

Through all of his years of searching under the oceans of the Splinterlands, Jyitu Burudo knew that something was calling to him, something huge and powerful from somewhere within the yawning depths. When he discovered the lost underwater Mana well and the mystical cubes now known as ΛZMΛRÉ Dice, he could not even guess that there were monster essences within each one. Even once he learned the true secret of the dice, Burudo was infinitely humbled to learn that the great god of his people, Cthulhu himself, would reveal himself to the Splinterlands through these relics.

With eyes that can pierce through time itself, Cthulhu has watched, waiting patiently for this moment. He has been trapped in a great and consuming prison of shadow, unable to protect his Kulu people as they were all but destroyed by Chaos. But thanks to the unlikely discovery of the one brave explorer who heard Cthulhu’s call, the great Kulu god will finally make his entrance to the Splinterlands.

Brighton Bloom

The final of the 20 new ΛZMΛRÉ Dice cards to be revealed is a new Dragon Splinter Summoner - Brighton Bloom. He costs 4 Mana to use which is one more than the other new Summoners being introduced due to the fact that the Dragon Splinter Summoners can utilize Dragon cards in addition to cards from any other Splinter. In true Dragon style, he grants all friendly Monsters the Flying ability which will likely make him a good ally when there are Earthquakes!

Brighton was an eccentric young man of Shimmer City, the capital of Khymeria. He was always seen as a strange character among the Khymian summoners. In the best times, his peers thought he was simply a distraction from their important studies. In the worst times, his fellow summoners doubted and belittled Brighton’s abilities. They were also put off by the way birds always landed on his hands and shoulders. After just two years studying at the Shimmer summoning school, Brighton decided to leave Khymeria. His loyalty was available to the highest bidder, and that is where the Dragons came in.

The Gloridax cared not for Brighton’s strange idiosyncrasies; what mattered to them was his skills as a summoner. Furthermore, in Gloridax eyes oneness with birds has long been considered a sign of divinity. Brighton’s attraction to birds was quickly noticed by Suam Khepri, Empress of the United Gloridax, who assigned a team of aerial sorcerers to properly train the young man. When Brighton emerged from that training, he could grant the power of flight to any monster under his summoning control.

Last Chance to Get FREE Pigs!

We plan to end the Piggericks promotion in Splinterlands where you can get FREE pigs with eligible Untamed booster pack purchases when ΛZMΛRÉ Dice are released tomorrow. That means that there are only about 24 hours left to take advantage of this awesome promotion!

If you still haven't checked out Piggericks, we highly encourage you to try it out and get your hands on some of the NFT piggies! You can find it at

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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We are all super excited for the Dice. Let's burn those DEC!

Okay I've been waiting for a summoner like that last dragon dude. I could swear you entered my mind.

Posted using Dapplr

Looking forward to this, my DEC is ready to BURN!

Same here... Lol

For the airdrop, is it 5 additional cards to the 20 or the summoners? Is there a minimum guaranteed amount for the airdrop?

Yea good question, we should have been more clear about this in advance. The 5 airdropped cards will be in addition to the 20 cards already revealed. That means that once all 5 airdrops happen, there will be a total of 25 cards in the set.

There will be 300k dice available in total, and an airdrop will happen each time 50k dice have been sold, except for the last 50k.

The details of the cards to be airdropped are still TBD, but in the case of a Legendary rarity card (which I would say is likely) it would be expected that on average 1 in 150 dice purchased would receive one of the airdropped cards, so 150 would be the amount for a guaranteed card in that scenario.

Thanks Yaba!

Thanks for the added details!

If you do a "minimum 1 guaranteed for any cards > x" instead of "minimum 1 guaranteed for each x cards", the big buyers are really disadvantaged. I got 1 airdrop with 2500 packs on last airdrop, that is super painfull, i am less into the airdrop buy-in now...

Well if we do 1 guaranteed for each X packs, then it will result in a LOT more airdropped cards than intended. I think probably the best option is to just remove the random factor altogether and just make it exactly 1 airdrop card per each X packs. I will think more about this.

Yes, that is how all airdrops work, Splinterlands is the only chain in the world doing a lotto airdrop ;-)

@yabapmatt or @splinterlands sorry if this was answered before but just trying to get some clarification on the question above. Thanks!

I'd like to know too @foggybottom. Thanks for asking.

I keep dropping it in discord but I think it gets missed. Didnt want to DM but the sale is getting close

Eep! Didn't realize it was already happening tomorrow!
I didn't save nearly enough DEC :(

Flying ability doesn't seem very useful since most dragons already have that. It might be helpful in back to basics and earthquake ruleset.

or no magic matches... flying is still +25% dodge unless attacker have flying/magic. Fast tanks can get way more tankier in no magic matches.

Death summoner is very interesting, can easily imagine him in no melee and no ranged scenarios. Maybe even as generic summoner with weaken/retribution/blast/snipe units, making "AoE" teams.

And for earthquake scenarios entire meta might shift away from dragons, because 2 now summoners grants flying or snare, making it quite easy to form flying + snare comp... So it might be actually good to have first two monsters without flying. And snare + snipe combo must be counted in too during earthquake matches.

Bring it on!

Ohh My... Cthulhu, my favorite monster of all monsters has come to Splinterlands, Truly amazing.

Wow, I was missing everything that was happening in reference to the new edition of "Dice" cards ... a few minutes ago I was reviewing the market and I noticed the new edition of letters and immediately came to check her profile for know what was happening hahaha ... excited for these new letters ... greetings

All hail the dark lord Cthulu

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