SplinterBattle - A New Way to Get Noticed and Rewarded on Twitter!

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Greetings to the Splinterverse! (Is that a thing yet? If not, it should be.)

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Here's the deal. At @SplinterLore, we love watching battles, but we have high standards and are easily bored.

We also would love to see more single battles shared on Twitter. Do you even realize how easy it is to share a battle, or how little time it takes to actually watch one? Have you thought about the fact that even if it's not your battle, you can learn something from every battle you watch?


How to Share a Battle

This is so easy. In the main screen of the Battle page, next to each previous battle in the list, there's a little button that looks like a confused arrow going in circles. That one is to replay your battle. The one below it that looks like a molecule gives you a link for sharing your battle.


You can also get this link from the Battle Results screen right after the battle!

For over a year now, Splinterlands has run the Share Your Battle Challenge for social media outside of HIVE. It has grown very large, with nearly 100 people entering each week. Entrants are asked to make a post that really stands out on social media, showing what our community is really about.

We are setting up the #SplinterBattle hashtag to reward a much more simple type of share: The quick single battle. If you just had a battle that you're just dying to share, #SplinterBattle is your solution.

We're looking for awesome battles, upsets, nail-biters, and seat-edgers. If you've got a battle that has a great example of a particular ability... #SplinterBattle. If your battle is as awesome as you think it is, you might just get a reward from @Splinterlore. Our virtual pockets are starting to overflow with prize material.

How Do You Benefit from #SplinterBattle?

Each day, we will check the tag on Twitter and reward the greatest and most epic battles! Since you're sharing a Splinterlands battle, we already know your Splinterlands name, so you might just be surprised to find a gift from @Splinter-Rewards waiting in your collection!

We'll also be using this tag to look for shining examples of well-played matches and well-used abilities. Everybody needs to learn a little something!

Get out there and give it a try! Share some battles on Twitter and use #Splinterbattle!

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Testing this :-)

i send my entry against high lvl opponent vs my lvl 1 carda, i upset him because of the ruleset

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@tipu curate 2 :)

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Alright... challenge accepted. I'll give this a go!

@splinterlore I post daily battles on twitter through screen capture videos instead of the battle share links, as some non-splinterlands players hesitate to click on unknown links but I want them to be able to quickly see the battles/game. If I include my splinterlands game name in my tweets, could I still be eligible? Thank you!

Of course! :) We're just trying to get the new hashtag going. No preference really about how you share, whatever works best for you! The hashtag is just how we will easily find who to reward

Thank you! I've been building a decent twitter following with my battle videos and trying to pull in new players!

Thanks a lot, your support is absolutely noticed!
You get to updates on Twitter a lot of times before we do :) Good to know who's behind the curtain. No need to sign your account name every time; we'll remember it's you.

Very much appreciated! I think on boarding via social media is definitely

Very much appreciated! I think onboarding via social media is definitely a good strategy to grow the game. Best of luck battling!

This is a great initiative! My first tweet!

Ill start playing 2 days ago and im gold II now!

Investing so little, nice game! Im working on a post talking about my first experience in the game.

Hope to reach platinum this week! But the climb becomes a little harder in 2200k elo lol

Need to know more cards and what to buy, but this game have a nice variety of ways to play!

Cant understand why i didnt start playing early...

Flawless victory here =D

Challenge accepted 👍

Let's go! This is my first battle on DIAMOND league, I war really scared but everything goes really good!

Also, I completed the challenge of the week so I'm making my post!