Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Xander Foxwood

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Frown upon a tiny face,
Mischief made without a trace.
Swooping, stinging, furied wing,
Mega mullet Pixie king.

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Xander Foxwood

Xander Foxwood_lv6.png

Splinter - Anumün

Class - Tiny Earth Summoner

Size - Zander Foxwood is so small that you would never be able to recognize him unless he was close enough to count your nose hairs, and he doesn’t want to be that close to you. Technically, he is a Pixie. They’re shaped like people, just about 1000 times smaller. Their voices make them sound a lot bigger than they are.

Lifespan - Pixies always seem to be in a hurry. Some say it’s because they (being so small) have a lot to prove. Others think that they have to go that much faster to simply make up for the fact that they are so small. Here’s the truth: Pixie wings beat roughly 1700 times per second when they’re in flight. After a few years, they get tired. That’s why the oldest Pixies only live to be about 25. Xander Foxwood is only 6; he has a lot of flaps left.

Weapon - Xander carries a legendary Pixie short sword called Rizlo. In its long history, the sword has been held by some of the greatest Pixie warriors the world has ever seen. Xander took it from a Pixie named Hurklies while he was entangled in combat with his rival, the tiny sorcerer Gloom. Both of the Pixies ended up killing one another anyway, so neither of them ever noticed that young Xander took the sword. The Pixie stories say that whoever carries the Rizlo blade will never be caught, nor beaten in a race.

Habitat - Since he had to leave his posh Pixie home on the other side of the world, Xander has been hanging his tiny boots in Anumün, where the weather is nice year round. He’ll go where the winds blows him, but the Western Wood is fine for now.

Diet - Xander is so little that all he really needs is a peapod every couple days. Lately he’s been drinking from the River of Life, and it’s given him a real boost with the Pixie ladies, if you know what I mean.

Allies - Xander Foxwood hasn’t really made any friends in the Splinterlands, but he may have accidentally swore his fealty to the Spirit of the Forest. He’s not really sure.

Enemies - As Xander has a bad habit of making mischief at the expense of others wherever he goes, he has developed a lengthy trail of haters. Right now among the people on his tail are three bounty hunters, four marshalls, two enforcers and a mercenary. Luckily, Xander’s much quicker than any of them.

Pastimes - Xander Foxwood enjoys the little things in life, like tying a pair of shoes together and watching a huge person fall on their face. Whenever possible he likes to spill people’s drinks or steal their wallets. He can start a stampede in mere moments by buzzing the faces of an entire Bunglo herd.

History - Xander comes from an extremely wealthy family of Pixie originally from Burzia on the other side of the world. It was there at his original home that he received his formal summoner’s education. Throughout his childhood the Pixie boy could not be controlled. He absorbed his lessons like a magical genius but spent most of his time causing destruction around his family’s estate.

When Xander was ten years old, Pixies came from throughout the land (as was the Pixie tradition in Burzia) to witness the boy’s Summoner’s Coming, an important ritual for Pixie kind. Xander was drunk on Pixie wine and started a fire which ruined the garments of countless notable and important Pixies. The fire was promptly extinguished, but the damage had been done. The Foxwood family was left in disgrace and Xander’s family was furious. Instead of facing the guilt of ruining his family name, Xander fled across the Outer Ocean, leaving it all behind and eventually finding a new land called the Splinterlands. To this day, Xander still does not know that his family and home have been obliterated by the agents of chaos and the great enemy.


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