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You grew up too fast,
Without much control;
The fears of your past
Are the chains of your soul.

The water below,
So dark and so cold,
Will promise to show
You the secrets of old.

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Xia Seachan

Xia Seachan_lv6.png

Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Set - Beta

Class - Epic Water Summoning Sorceress

Size - Xia Seachan has an extremely long body. When extended to her entire length she can outswim a Wave Runner, even against a current. Growing up among the Mer in the underwater city of Poseidar, Xia was often mocked for the long coiled Naga tail that followed the girl.

Lifespan - Xia is only 15, but her life so far has been a busy one, fraught with tragedies and trials. She was raised as a Mer child, even though she is clearly some kind of Naga hybrid creature of unknown parentage. When she was only a toddler, Xia was discovered by a Mer couple in courtship. The baby was trapped under the rocks of a cave-in, crying and hungry, but no parent was in sight. Knowing the baby would be eaten by some quick predator of the seas, the Mer couple rescued the baby and named her Xia. They nurtured the child’s natural magical abilities, which quickly turned into a powerful summoner’s talent. Xia loved the Mer couple and felt safe with them, until they were killed in a great battle with dreaded Baki Kujira, the ghost whale.

Habitat - Xia lives alone, not in the safe waters surrounding the city of Poseidar, but near the great cliffs of Mount Mox, where the waters beat against the stone like a battering ram. There, in a cave not unlike the one in which she was trapped as baby, Xia lives a quiet and lonely life, always waiting for the next battle in the tournaments.

Weapon - When she ventures out into the wild waters or onto land, Xia carries a long spear. If ever she needs to attack someone, she prefers not getting close. She is especially guarded in air, often carrying a few extra knives, for her magic attacks do not work out of water. Beneath the waves Xia has nothing to fear, no matter how great the size of the threat. Her innate magic is powered by fear, rage and chaos; within the girl there are enough of these traits to stop the Kraken mid dive.

Diet - Xia Seachan has always felt the need to hunt her food. This is the best evidence she has that at least one of her real parents was Naga, for all Naga instinctively go after smaller and weaker prey. She prefers to catch her food underwater without the help of any net, harpoon or spear.

Allies- Recently while exploring an old shipwreck near the base of Mount Mox, Xia met a mage who introduced herself as Talihad. The two became friends quite quickly and they have spent many hours exchanging stories. Both of them notice the resemblance, but neither dares mention it.

Enemies - Xia has crossed the fishing community of ΛZMΛRÉ to the point that she is no longer welcome near the Archipelago. This is part of the reason that she made her new home at Mount Mox; the fishers agree that she is to be harpooned on sight. Xia never liked the fishermen anyway, but she was framed by the Otters for the crimes she was alleged to have committed.

Pastimes - Xia Seachan has an explorer’s heart, and she is incredibly good at swimming. She can swim deeper without tiring than any Mer, and she is able to see in the dark with stunning clarity. She enjoys wandering into the darkest and least-known crevasses that adorn the bottoms of the ocean, looking for things that she can call her own.


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