Splinterlands Rare Card Profile - Silvershield Paladin

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A Paladin will come tonight
Leading by the sword!
Caped in vict'ry, clothed in light
Leading by the sword!

We needn't fear the creatures' might
Or death's destructive horde!
With Paladin behind we'll fight
Leading by the sword!

-Soldiers' call and response

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Silvershield Paladin

Splinter - Khymeria, the Life Splinter

Set - Alpha/Beta

Class - Silver Shield Tactical Commander

Size - Paladins of the Silver Shield must be larger than average Khymians to handle the heavy burden of a Paladin’s armor. They say that at no less than 1000 hours of labor are dedicated to the creation of each and every suit of Paladin armor. These suits are not allowed to be worn by anyone but Paladins, and the mystics of the Life Splinter believe that should a non-Khymian don one of them even for a moment, they will be subject to a bitter curse for the rest of their life. The helmet alone is so heavy that the necks of smaller people may break under its weight, so Paladins are typically promoted from the largest and strongest knights of the Order.

Lifespan - When a Silvershield Paladin is ordained, they must already have proven themselves for at least ten years in faithful service as a knight. This means that no one younger than thirty years ever achieves the position of Paladin. Promotion to Paladin means safety and security for the remainder of a knight’s life, assuring that they will live longer than most of their brethren knights. Such tremendous resources and secrets are bestowed upon Paladins that the Order goes to great lengths to keep them around as long as possible. They act as generals in battle, but they are always kept away from the frontline, where soldiers are ready to give their lives. Whenever a Paladin enters a dangerous situation or mission, they are accompanied by a small group of specialized soldiers, a detailed guard called the ward. If the Paladin at any moment finds himself in harm’s way, a soldier from the ward will always sacrifice himself for the Paladin’s survival. Paladins spend their years of service studying battle tactics and never stop learning, so as Paladins grow older, they become more valued to the Order with each passing year.

Habitat - Silvershield Paladins are not required to live in a barracks like soldiers, or to dwell on the grounds on Cloudgard as the knights. Because of their level of extreme dedication and honor, homes are built for them wherever they choose in Khymeria. The Order of the Silver Shield spares no expense from its extensive wealth to create majestic dwellings for these Paladins. Many of the Paladins choose to live in the country far from populated areas, but whenever the Order needs them they are quickly summoned via teacup dragon message or soldier party. There are so many Paladins currently living that they are able to relax and do as they please for the majority of their time, only needing to be called into action for a few weeks of the year. Some of the more notable Paladins’ homes are famous throughout the Splinterlands as architectural masterpieces. The Paladin York Hershtower for example lives in the north, just off the road leading to Angel Summit. Anyone making the pilgrimage there has seen his exquisite mansion with its intricate network of fountains and spired gardens. Another well-known Paladin, Rathik Openshier, lives in a massive stone floating structure that sits on the edge of the Raado River, not far from the Springs of Colorado. There are quiet rumors that one of more of the Paladin houses has been secretly taken over by Peacebringer leadership and is now used as a rebel base. If this is true, then the Peacebringers are holding the Paladin hostage and without a thorough search of each and every Paladin house, the Order will have a hard time discovering which one.

Weapon - The shield and swords carried by Paladins have the look of normal weapons, but they are enhanced and strengthened on a molecular level through magical technologies that the Order keeps hidden from the greater population of Khymeria. Each Paladin sword undergoes a complex process called crystation. During this process, which takes a couple months to reach maturity, crystals grow from inside the weapon. They force all the molecules of the steel to their greatest possible density, giving the sword incredible power and strength. The enhancement of Paladin shields is less of a scientific magical process and more of a spiritual one. Several Priests are called to pray over the shield for three weeks. During these prayers, it is believed that beings from the Angel Realm bestow unseen powers onto the shield. When the process is complete, simply carrying the shield makes the Paladin faster and more dexterous. The shield is also then able to repel magic projectile attacks in close combat.

Allies - While Silvershield soldiers and knights are notorious for mindlessly following direction of the Order of the Silver Shield, Paladins are given the freedom to make many of their own choices. Because they have more than proven themselves to the Order, they do not need to be kept under strict guidance or a prescribed lifestyle. Many of the Paladins in their lives away from Cloudgard Castle have made friends in the Khymian countryside. Almost every Paladin has befriended at least one Divine Healer, and many of them have invited a Healer to live with them in their home. The healers act not only as the Paladins’ personal physicians, but their closest counselors and confidants. Paladins are generally fascinated with learning about the strange and superstitious methods used by the healers to cure diseases and mend wounds.

Enemies - Silvershield Paladins have no tolerance for the Angelist rebels known as Peacebringers. They are always on the lookout for these spies, and they have heard the rumors that Paladin houses are now the target of Peacebringer siege. This is why many Paladins have fortified their homes with unseen but deadly defenses. Even though they are chosen and ordained, Paladins are also known for a strange distrust of Khymian Priests. Once a Paladin is fully ordained, he generally has no more dealings with a single Priest, and he likes it that way. Most Paladins are of the opinion that the Priests of the Silver Shield are closely aligned with the agenda of the Gloridax Dragons, who crave nothing but power and glory for themselves.

Pastimes - Beause they are allowed so much freedom in their personal lives, most Silvershield Paladins are engrossed in hobbies when they are not learning or training. The most popular of these hobbies is hunting, which is especially difficult in Khymeria, where there are so few animals. Since the horrific Obliteration of Light that destroyed all the wildlife hundreds of years ago, there have never been significant populations of any animals in Khymeria, except for birds. The bowl-shaped Splinter is a stopping point for countless birds as they fly various seasonal migrations, and these birds make excellent sport for Silvershield Paladins. The most skilled hunter among them is Paladin Reginald Loriat, who hunts on horseback with the most difficult of all ranged weapons, the rocksling. Stories say that with his sling, he is even more accurate than any of the Sheriffs with their crossbows.


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