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What is spoken,
What is held?
What is whispered,
What is yelled?

Truth invades
the words foretold...
A thousand shades
Of truth behold.

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Splinter - Khymeria, the Life Splinter

Set - Untamed

Class - Khymian Battle Priest

Size - The most mysterious sect of the Khymian priesthood are the Truthspeakers, or the Priests of Communication. They are chosen early in life from devotees to the priestly ways of Khymia and the mystical arts of the Order of the Silver Shield. These Priests are always regular Khymians, but initiation into the Order of the Truthspeakers is one of the most difficult callings in all Khymeria, so they are few in number. Today, there are no more than 40 Truthspeakers living in all the Splinterlands.

Lifespan - From their early childhood, a Khymian knows if it is their calling to become a Truthspeaker. Many other Khymian callings are assigned or given by authority of the Silver Shield, but Truthspeakers are self-ordained by a single action: the sacred speaking of tongues of which only they are capable. Nine out of ten self-ordained Truthspeakers are Khymian girls.The first occurrence of this, which typically happens between the ages of 7 and 13 is always frightening to the parents of a Khymian child, but every parent knows what to do if their child finds themselves on the path of the Truthspeaker, which cannot be denied. Immediately after the first tongues are spoken, the parents must fetch from the Library of Enlightenment all the necessary Truthspeaker reading for their child and report the occurrence to the nearest Silver Shield headquarters. From that point on, the child’s life will never be the same. The child will only speak the truth, and they will have a higher knowledge of what is needed in their life than could ever be conceived by their parents. The child undergoes copious amounts of study over the first year, learning many secrets which can be revealed to none. Once the Truthspeaker student has consumed 100% of the Truthspeaker knowledge kept and passed down through the ages, they relocate to the Speakers’ home and become fully enveloped in their new life and role, leaving their parents behind forever and taking a new name with Khymia’s blessing.

Habitat - North of Crystal Mountain near the intersection of Lyver Creek and the Crystal River, there is a massive spire at the center of a walled compound known as Tunc Sincino. This is the home of the Truthspeakers, who because of the secrets that they protect must be cloistered from every other member of the Khymian priesthood, even the High Priests. Physically, the Truthspeakers rarely leave the compound, let alone set foot on a ship, but that does not mean that they do not travel. One of the highest order accomplishments of a Truthspeaker is the ability to astral project with what they call semi permanence. With this method, they can basically teleport to any known location in the Splinterlands with the majority of their physical bodies. They are never fully inhabiting the physical teleported form to the point of being able to fight or eat in this way, but this form of travel is sufficient for the important work of spiritual diplomacy to which each Truthspeaker is called. Although Truthspeakers may come and go as they please, no one who is not a Truthspeaker is allowed into the grounds of Tunc Sincrino, so little is known about the day-to-day activities within the compound.

Weapon - The most important weapon of a Truthspeaker is her voice. It is so powerful that they need not be trained in any traditional weaponry or martial arts. Unlike the Evengelists, however, Truthspeakers’ power comes more from what they say than how they say it. This aspect of their art is signified by the way that Truthspeakers always wear masks over their mouths when seen in public. Their voices hold the most powerful secrets. Some of them are powerful because of being spoken, and others are powerful because of not being spoken. In essence combat (in which they are honored to participate), the voices of the Truthspeakers are used more for protection and healing than for offensive attack of any kind. The reason for this is the collateral damage that would certainly be caused on the crowds if their offensive spells were ever to be spoken in the Moxian Arena. The battles may be a visual illusion, but the spells performed there are very real.
Diet - Truthspeaker Priests have many rigid dietary requirements self-enforced by the traditions of their sect. There are several types of proprietary provision trees that have been fostered only by the Truthspeakers through the generations and are now kept safely within the walls of Tunc Sincino. One of the fruits eaten daily by the Truthspeakers is called verbum cortice, which is said to enhance their powers of communication and strengthen their connection with otherworldly things.

Allies - Truthspeakers are an official branch of the Priesthood of the Silver Shield. They serve the goddess Khymia, who resides unseen in a temple in the clouds. When their rules allow it, Truthspeakers can work together with the Order of the Silver Shield in their military endeavors and conquests, but generally they have their own purpose which is surrounded by countless secrets. High Priests often have difficulty completely trusting the Truthspeakers, but even they cannot deny that these highly specialized priests are protectors of the most sacred truths of their own goddess Khymia.

Enemies - It is well known that there is a long standing enmity between the Truthspeakers of the Silver Shield and the Peacebringers, the rebels who mean to expose their secrets. As the sacred keepers of secrets, Truthspeakers are obligated to destroy these dissenters by any means necessary. This is why Truthspeakers sometimes run their own missions of espionage; finding and crushing the leadership of the Peacebringers is even more important to them than to High Priests or to the High Council of the Silver Shield, who regard the rebels as more of a nuisance than a serious threat. The Truthspeakers are also opposed to any Khymian commoners who in their view do not take the traditions of their faith seriously enough. They especially hate the so-called Divine Healers, who use a mish-mash combination of archaic magic, herbs and superstition to heal passers-by in the countryside.

Pastimes - From the moment they are self-ordained in their early childhoods, Truthspeakers are obsessed with learning. When they first speak tongues, a new pathway is opened in their mind and they are solidified forever as a devout follower of Khymia’s truth and keeper of her secrets. There is always more to learn, and all the spare time of a Truthspeaker is spent gaining knowledge of history and mastering the arts of communication. They perform complex vocal rituals each day to keep their voices limber and ready, for if a Truthspeaker ever loses the ability to speak with the full strength of her voice, she has no reason to continue living.


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