Proper Notice for Future Changes & Increased Communication

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7 Days Notice for Future Changes

The Splinterlands team would first like to sincerely apologize to the playerbase for the lack of sufficient notice given before the recently announced changes were implemented in the game. In retrospect, many of the changes were a knee-jerk reaction to some abuse of the system that we saw happening, and then other unrelated changes (like the balance update to Archmage Arius) were just bundled in.

We understand that many people have a lot invested into the game and that it's disconcerting if not scary to think that changes could happen at any time that could affect that investment. We clearly did not take that into account, and we appreciate the community letting us know about it.

Going forward we will ensure that, except in cases of true emergency, we will provide at least 7 days notice for any upcoming changes to any part of the game. This includes new features, changes to existing features, card balance updates, as well as anything else.

Increased Communication

It has also become quite clear that had we bounced these ideas off of members of the community before announcing them we could have avoided a lot of this in the first place. Going forward we plan to be more open and communicative with the community and key stakeholders about issues we are seeing and various ideas we are considering to address them and/or improve the product.

The goal is that by the time something is officially announced everyone can be confident that it has been thoroughly thought through and vetted by a number of different community members from the various stakeholder groups and is generally agreed to be a positive overall change or addition.

We Want To Hear From You!

We also want to encourage the communication to go both ways. The player community has been an amazing source of ideas and feedback since the game first launched and we want to see that continue and grow as much as possible. We LOVE hearing from players, good or bad, as long as it's communicated constructively and respectfully.

So please reach out and let us know what ideas you have or what issues or obstacles to growth that you're seeing so that we can work together to take Splinterlands to the next level!

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Thanks for the update.
Unless this has been added in since last I looked, I would love a "walk through" form of tutorial, where you learn by playing a fake game. Like a lot of RPG video games have tutorial levels. I don't think it's just me, but with these kinds of games I learn by DOING, and the written- or video- tutorials don't really compute. It was the same when I first learned to play MTG; the little rule book (back in the 90s, I know the revamped versions are way better) was completely Greek to me and I only figured out how to play by sitting down with friends who already knew and playing a trial game or two where they were just explaining everything.
I fully confess I haven't looked at anything in ages and have just been sitting on my cards and not playing because I don't understand it, so maybe this has been added and I can go and finally start to play. ;)

You're 100% right - we need a walk through tutorial. We will get there soon!

Oh hooray! If it's in the pipeline at some point then I'm happy. :) Thanks for the response!

very nice, i will create a post about it

Steemmonster client app is using lot of cpu. I run it mac pro and fan never stops while playing.

In addition to the seven days notice, it would be helpful to have a timeline for planned major changes. I know this is difficult, but should bring the needed transparency for the investors.

Appreciate the team giving us notice. To be fair though, I understand why some things can't be shared with community members or third parties. It would be an unfair advantage with only a few being notified of changes ahead of time. The notice to everyone ahead of time is fair and appreciated.

Hard to strike a balance. If you hold focus groups and bounce ideas off key players; that'll help avoid unforeseen pitfalls; but then you're potentially giving valuable insights to a select few and excluding others.

This is what it feels like to be listened too?? No wonder Steem Monsters has such a bright future. :-)

I'm only getting started on ST journey but I can already tell Its going to be a fun ride.

Thanks for keeping us fans and players in mind as this all develops.

That means alot to the community how much you actually care about the playerbase.

It's rare to find developers with so much care for their community.

Keep it up, and just know.
We believe in y'all

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Personally not invested but it is really good to see open disclosures like this, huge step in the right direction!

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I haven't been playing long enough to have a strong opinion..

Any update on when we can expect the mobile version of the game?

I second this question!
I prefer mobile for leisure time, pc for working. This affects my monstering time.

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Monstering time, lol

It is nice when a game developer recognizes they need to communicate better and more frequently. That to me sets apart an amazing dev to an average one. You guys have already been doing a decent job with the amount of information that is put out.

I look forward to seeing how these changes play out. Cheers!