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RE: Splinterlands Tournaments Updates

in #splinterlands3 months ago

I don't like it but I get it. No more tournament play for me. I am one of those guys that has a lot of cards but not all the cards. The diamond level is never no legendary why I licked to get to play in silver and bronze. Now I am stuck with no way to earn from them that makes sense. I get why you did it but if you are going to stop those of us from playing the only no legendary matches you do it would be nice to see them in some of the diamond events. I do get why you don't do that if someone spent the money to have all the legendary maxed well for them and they should beat me most of the time. It will just stop players like me from playing. It isn't fun when I know I will run to summoner I can't beat that this is no team or set up I could do to compete. Not a big deal I didn't win a lot but hurts a little.