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RE: Splinterlands Untamed Day

in #splinterlands2 years ago

Damn, just did my post and it wasn't about Steemmonsters, should have been about Steemmonsters but I've been so off of te game, delegated my cards to another player and I'm splitting the DEC revenue with the player :/

Guess I need some $ to buy some new cards, I wonder what kind of new monsters and abilities we might see, very excited about it, it reminds of the times I played magic the gathering and I would buy new packs to see what kind of weird cards came in them xD


It is a mad house, so many new cards. I will probably wait a month or two to see what is worth to have and get some. New quest win 1 tournament game is broken, there are no valid tournaments, only golds are happening today. Bad luck I guess.