Scored a Legendary Azmare Dice Caladuum In a Pack Opening Tonight.

in #splinterlands2 months ago

Had enough DEC to score an AZMARE Dice pack tonight. Totally stoked too, I recieved an Epic, a Rare, and a Legendary.

The legendary card is a Caladuum of the Fire Splinter. Looks like a pretty strong card too. Speed is a little low, but health and shields are strong with 3 damage! This is gonna be a fun one to play in those low speed battles for sure!

Screenshot 20201006 at 1.47.07 AM.png

I looked it up in the market and it's currently worth just under $3.00.

Screenshot 20201006 at 1.50.28 AM.png

I think that puts me around 1300 power away from the next MAX tier.

Screenshot 20201006 at 1.55.09 AM.png

Slowly building this deck up! Can't wait to see what that Caladuum card is capable of in a battle!


Good ones, Nice to see you are at reaching distance of Diamond league.

Best wishes to you 🙂

Slowly getting there one card at a time! I have to admit I hate being stuck in these lower leagues so it can come soon enough!

Lucky you. I am tending to just upgrade the cards I have. I know they want us to spend on packs and there is this thing of buying 'land' coming up. I just spend what I win for now.


I'm pretty much the same way. Every so often I'll spend a couple HIVE on individual cards or packs, but I pretty much just spend what I earn in game. I do love collecting the different cards though, so I keep buying the new packs they come out with. Probably one of the reasons I have such a weak deck.

First I've heard of the buying land business. That should be interesting.

IDK, I just play the game when I'm bored. Usually before I go to sleep at night.

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