Aprils Monster Giveaway Winners of 3000 DEC, Boosterpack, Orb, GF card, 5 Hive, and 5 Steem

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First and foremost, a big thank you to every single one of you who showed me some love and support on the last post. It is now my most successful post to date. To show you how much it means to me, I will be giving away 300 DEC a day (250 first prize 50 runner up) every day in may. I will also up my game and give away even more for Mays Monster Giveaway.Now lets gets to the winners now. All winners paid!

3000 DEC



-winner @revisesociology, thanks for following @monster-burner

Gold foil card

  • winner @xawi, thank you for reading threw my FAQ

5 Steem

  • winner is @ronaldoavelino thanks for your comment and feed back on Steem.

5 Hive

  • winner is @eirik thanks for your comment and feed back on Hive.

That is all the winners for now but if you didn't win don't worry. I will be back tomorrow with my daily giveaways and two winners daily. On top of that at the end of May I will give away Even more than this month. Please considering supporting my new project monster-burners. Below is the introduction post if it seems interesting give it a follow, thanks again and stay safe.



Wow thanks a lot and that is good news for all of us that you are upping the prize

Congratulations to the winners...

Thank you for the booster pack!

Congrats all the winners.

Congratulations to winners!