MONSTER GIVEAWAY 3000 DEC+ 1 Boosterpack + 1 Orb + 1 Gold Foil Card + 5 Hive +5 Steem

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I'm felling like a million and I hope you are too. We have reached the end of the month once again and you know what that means, Monster Giveaway time. I will be giving away the six prizes about to 6 different people, sorry no double winners as I want to spread the love. Below will be some simple instructions on how to win each prize. Yesterdays winner of 250 DEC was @handtalk5, congrats my friend. he is a true Steemmonster hustler and is very active in the buying and renting markets. Go give him a follow and some love.

PRIZE 1 - 3000 DEC
Simply up-vote this post.

PRIZE B - Booster Pack -
Simply re-blog this post.

Prize next - ORB
Simply follow (My new project).

Prize four - Gold Foil Card
Read the simple FAQ below the prizes.

Prize yin and yang - 5 Hive and 5 Steem (two winners)
Comment any question or concerns you have about the new project

Monster-burner Project
Our goal is to increase the value of your investment in Splinterlands' cards by decreasing the supply of certain cards.

Q.How does it work?
A.This will work much like the Steem burn post that was popular a few months ago. A post is created with Splinterlands general information and or the Monster-burner stats daily. All Hive/steem and HBD/SBD earned through these posts will be used to buy Splinterland cards from the community and burn them.

Q.Why burn the cards?
A.Decreasing the total supply of a card will bring up the value/price. If supply is decreased and demand stays constant the value of the card should increase. This is the reason burning cards is an option. This will also work as a balancing tool between supply and demand.

Q.What happens to the DEC from the cards you burn?
A.100% will be used for creating Splinterlands tournaments, to create a guild for new players at no cost, project promotions, DEC giveaways, and special events. Running this project on the block chain allows everything to be viewed with 100% transparency.

Q. If I up-vote these burn posts do I receive curation rewards?
A. Yes of course

Q. How can I get more involved?
Good question, besides an up-vote once in a while here are a couple of ways you can go above and beyond. You could set our post to auto up-vote. Add us to a curation trail. Power delegation at some point will help. Re-blogs would be great. Explanation videos or posts of our project along with our tournament and event promotion.

Please reach out to me via discord (threejay) or join the Projects Discord for more information. This project has no affiliation with Splinterlands.



  1. Airdrop will be very soon so get your packs.
  2. Halving event Will be officially announced on May 3 and happen on may 4th
  3. Monster Give away winners will be announced on may 4th for all 6 Prizes
  4. I love you all so be safe.

Quick Tip
The new halfing ability will be a beast and the only counter as of now is the cards with the cleanse ability. You might want to go get your hands on a couple before the price rises.

That is all for today, again winners will be announced and paid on the may 4th. Good luck and stay safe


All the required deeds are done
Read all the FAQ's
And I really do appreciate the idea behind this new initiative. I support this and yes supply should be decreased and demand is increasing day by day as new players are joining.
My own problem is different I want cheap cards because I am maxing up my deck :P anyways all i want is the best for splinterlands.

I loved that DEC from cards burn idea. Nice, thank you. I usually ignore such kinda giveaways but this one was tempting :P XD

since i liked the idea i am submitting your post for dragon vote :) I mean neoxian sir ;)

Thank you that means a lot to me, I too want the best for splinterlands and its awesome community. Your support is appreciated and good luck.

When will you be start posting in the monster-burner project?

In the next couple of days. I will do a let me introduce myself post will full details and after that it will be daily. Just waiting on my Steem account approval

Will the burning be done for cards that Have already gone out of print?

we are going to let the community choose what cards they want burnt. besides special events we will be burning mostly commons.

Love the idea. I am following and will
Be upvoting.

Good luck and thanks for all the work!!

thanks for all your support my friend

Thanks you so much for this wonderful giveaway. All this requirement is done.

thank you and best of luck

I think is a good idea! It makes me a little sad thinking about all that cards burned.. But hey, I's business baby :)

A concern I have is that some monsters are already way overpriced respect to burning rate.. So to make price growing enough will be quite expensive... But perfect for Reward edition cards!

(Upvoted, reblogged, read, followed) ;)

yeah we are aware of this, if the value of a card is higher than its value to the game no one will buy them. That's in part why the community will decide.

In my opinion reducing the quantity of (for example) circulating Exploding Dwarf or Gelatinuos Cube would be great.

But is also to consider if is good for the game, because card value depends, ultimately, from the success of the game on larger scale :)

I don't have answers, just thoughts

I'm curious on why think that exploding dwarf and the cube would be good cards?Just like you I have thoughts but don`t really know. I was thinking the chicken would be a great card due to how often and a must that card is. It should be up in the .10 rang at a minimum

I cited Exploding Dwarf and The Cube because I think they are strong cards keeping a low price only because of the ratio: active players/total number of cards in circulation.. But yes, the Chicken is even better!

Actually, the chicken is an extremely common card also because using it at lvl 1 or 8 it makes no differences... So 80k chicken were way more the ones needed.

Now with the new rulesets (equalizer and heavy hitters) lvl 8 chicken is really useful!! And the price will rise..

No no no! What are you talking about? Have you seen a level 8 chicken with enraged in equalizer? That thing is a beast!

Yeah, that's exactly what I said.. Few days ago I bought one.. and see this battle here: 0 MANA for 12 melee damage.. not bad ;)

wait what, 12 mele damage?

Thanks for the DEC
Upvoted :)

thanks hommie

Upvoted, followed, re blogged.
Will you get enough Dec to host tournaments out of the burn. I am discouraged w.r.t. tournaments because there are too many bits in the tournaments. Hardly have a chance to win against them.
Would be helpful if that Dec is given away in some or the other way.
Another issue is that will flood the Dec supply decreasing it's value.
Am I missing something.

This will all be addressed in the initial post but in short, none of the DEC will be sold on the market. As the project grows so will the amount of tournaments, events, free guilds, and a few other surprises.

Cool. I'm excited about your new project. Definitely will help the prices to grow.

Like the idea. Following the project.

thanks buddy and good luck on the giveaway

Nice project..
How you will decide the card for burn?

the community will chose via a community survey. each day of the week will be a different card of a different splinter. We will switch it up every month or sooner if needed

I always feel bad about card burning, although I've done it rarely. Prefer to hoard them! 😉

I feel you but when you look at daily active users vs some of the cards in circulation it makes it a bit easier. One good thing is it might bring the value of your hoarded cards up a little as they will become slightly more rare.


the @monster-burner project ist a really great idea to keep/increase the value.

How often might there be tournaments to battle for the burned-ones?


It depends on what the post earn. I hope as the project takes off we can host at the very least one a week. There will be a lot more to this project as it develops so stay tuned and best of luck.

I like the idea. What kind of card are we talking about. I hope commons come first in the burn list.
By the way the giveaway is Mouthwatering .

I have a hard time selling my .01-.02 cards because I feel like they are worth more and so I hope this is a solution.Mouthwatering ,nice I like it.

By the way
Mouthwatering give away!!!
Got a haiku here. lolzzzz

No haiku bot on Hive yet? lolz BTW yes we will start with almost all common cards with a rare card once a week.

I did everything and also read the FAQs. These are really simple. There are no questions left at the moment, maybe later when the project has started.
I think it's a great idea.
Definitely better than injecting disinfectant 😉.

Lolz, good one. Thanks for taking the time to go threw it all. I usually stop if there is more than 2 steps involved but that's why I beefed up the giveaway. Best of luck.

up-vote & re-blog & follow new projec & Read FAQ

There are no questions yet. Just waiting for you to have time to describe your new project in more detail. Then questions may appear


cool, thank you and good luck

That is interesting project, but won't it make hard for new players to build up their deck? You are offering to create guild to compensate, have you also consider to set some of your tournament with novice summoner cap to make them more attractive to new players?

Thanks for the feed back, we will set tournaments for novice, and unless the project really takes off then It shouldn't effect the price to a point where deck building gets really expensive. If it dose we may look at keeping a few cards from each burn and creating starter decks to give away.

all done.. best of luck in your project

Thank you my friend, good luck to you

Upvote (Check)
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Read the FAQ (Check)

My opinion? I don't really support this initiative too much (Sorry @threejay hope this doesn't lower my chances of winning :P). I'd admit it seems nice but I feel this will support the whales more than new players who don't spend much. Many people struggle to find the funds to buy new cards in order to upgrade their deck and so this will make it super hard for new people to join. I have seen a couple of new players who have been discouraged from playing the game due to the high costs of maintaining a good deck. This is why I don't exactly like this idea.

Thanks for the feedback your chances will not be effected at all. This project is targeted not to favor whales and that`s why we are burning common cards mostly. maybe I can do a basic deck building guide at some point, new placers should be able to build a level 1 deck with out to much cost. My partner in this reached diamond 3 with a couple of his level 1 decks. Maybe we can keep a small amount of each card we buy and build starter sets for noobs. New people are key to the success of splinterlands but the people who have put a lot of time and money in need to make sure their cards don't loose all the value. my deck is worth about half of what it was worth 6 months ago. Good luck on the give away.

Really? I know the prices fluctuate but the card values seemed to have gone up. A $2.5 phantom of the abyss last month is now 2x that amount. This is why I think it is now more expensive to play than cheaper.

when I started all summoners were in the $1.00 usd range for a single card and actually more like 1.25-1.80 now with untamed summoners are .36- .50, beta are down to .85
The amount of .01 cards now compared to before is probably 20 times more. We plan on staying away from cards that have a high value already. Do you think any card is worth less than a penny?

The untamed summoners are relatively new and their cheap price is, in my opinion, great for new players. They also had a big jump in price in the past 2 weeks I believe. The beta summoners are, also in my opinion, better and they still cost $1.5 for single bcx. The ones worth .85 are almost maxed or are maxed and therefore still cost a lot with discounts. I guess you can burn those since new players probably can't buy those but I think leave the single bcx alone is best. Btw, yeah I think gremlin blaster should be worth less than a cent.

I feel card price increase should be done by combining not by burning. It is pity that level 1 summoners are playing in Diamond league.

I agree with you 100% and if demand for the cards were keeping up with circulation this project would not need to exist. Right now it is not and that's why a lot of cards are dropping under .01. Combinding cards is good until you hit your summoner cap, then if you don't plan on dumping a lot of money into summoners then the rest of the cards are just wasted. So most people like me just dump them on the market causing a surplus devaluing the cards. If they don't dump them on the market they can burn the cards themselves only getting a fraction of what we will pay for them on the market. Thanks for your feedback we hope to run this project threw community feedback and thanks for your participation in my giveaway, good luck.

Hi, nice little competition you've got going here, upvoted and resteemed.

As to the the initiative, how do you decide which cards are going to get burned?

We will do a monthly community survey , each day of the week will be a different card from a different splinter (excluding dragon). a neutral card and a rare card. in other words a different card each day of the week and these cards with change every month.

Sounds like a very fair approach.

I like this new project of yours as it will give way to us new players to have the opportunity to win free cards.

This burn card project is actually a double wammy effect on card value, one you create demand on the market by buying cards and 2 you burn cards reducing supply.

I like it!

Indeed, thank you for your support and good luck with the giveaway

I am brand new to #splinterlands so I guess it is good to see this initiative coming!

When we open up our guild you will are invited and as the projects gathers steam the guild will provide you with good benefits.

Thanks, sounds good to me. It's dangerous to go alone!

I read the faq I found it interesting I will follow the project

Cool, thanks and good luck with the giveaway

I have never used the burn option. Just kept on adding to the existing cards I have. Will surely keep a watch on your project.

cool, thanks. i hope this project will increase the value of the cards you have.

Upvoted, reHived, followed new account. Good luck everybody.

as always thank you a bunch for your support

as always thank you for your on going support

Wow very cool. I heard and idea like this so I have to say I hope it works. At the same time I hope it doesn’t make the cards cost so much that new players can’t come in.

Yeah I don't think we will have than much effect over price and we will make sure that we are not going to over burn any cards. Circulation and price will be a factor on what cards are best for the community.

  1. Upvoted.
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  3. Followed @monster-burner.
  4. I still feel bad about burning cards (as someone who doesn't like to spend money on cards, I'd prefer if some of them were given away instead :P ), but from an economy/investments perspective it's a good idea to reduce the supply.

Yeah you told me this before that you don't burn cards. I have some good news for you my friend, for the supporters of the project there will be a lot of chances to win free booster packs and certain cards too.

That sounds nice.

I've added Monster Burner to my autovotes on Hive.

It really means a lot to me, thank you.

how would the guild for new players work?

we will start a guild after our first sponsored tournament and then it will be a first come first served for players new to the game or with a low level(no alt accounts) Would you be interested in joining?

definetly unless i get too attached to my current one which seems to be good :P
nevertheless i think its a good step and would help alot of newcomers to the game like myself.

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My opinion? Well I don't know about the previous Steem burn but it seems a good idea, since the cards are very low priced atm. But who chooses the cards to be burned? And with what base?

Thanks for the support. We pick 3 cards each day from a single splinter and you vote on which one. its based on high circulation and low price and or undervalued cards

I replied on STEEM. Also, what do you think about burning booster packs too?

We rather give away booster packs but burning them might be cool to do for a special event.

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