My 300th Giveaway : Win an Epic SPIRIT SHAMAN,1 Booster Pack , and 1000 DEC.

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We made it, giveaway 300 is here and today there will be seven winners in total. This is what you can win. Three Winners will receive 300 DEC each. Two winners will receive 50 DEC each as runner up winners for comment quality. One winner will win a Booster pack, and one winner will receive the Epic card SPIRIT SHAMAN. Before we go any further I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has and is currently supported my giveaways. It means a great deal to me. I will work hard for you to grow my channel even more so I can giveaway even more to you folks. Its been a pleasure getting to know a lot of you and here is to another 300 giveaways.

Yesterdays Winner of 250 DEC

@minimining, congrats buddy, DEC already sent. Go give a follow and some love.

Runner up winner of 50 DEC

@wonderwop with his gangster comment 'I collect guns & coins'.

How to Win

As promised there will be no hoops to jump threw. Simply leave any comment and give this post an up-vote. That is all and that is it. All winners will be randomly picked except the two runner up winners which will be chosen via their comments. Winners will all be announced and paid tomorrow so best of luck.

A Friendly Reminder

  • @splinterlands is hosting it's Splinterlands brawler tournament with a prize pool of 1,000,000 in DEC. There are also two BTC tournaments with a total of $1000 in BTC to Be won.
  • The Free Guild For new and low level players(no alts) will be live in the next few days and we already have had a few people reserve their spot. If your new or low level and want to join a guild with out contributing DEC, now is your chance. It is first come first serve so jump in our Discord and ask us to hold a spot for you.

That is all for today good luck to all and remember a retweet will help spread the word. See you tomorrow!


Congratulations on reaching the landmark 300 giveaway post.

Giving away really needs a big heart. The ones who feel that I don't have enough to give away, generally have a givers heart. Because one who has a big heart gives even if he has little.

Man super cool that you are on giveaway 300. Also nice reminders

Gratz it's a dedication 300 days straight I lose the track once in a while, isn't there an avatar for that? Thank you for reminding the brawler tournament. 1mill here I come that lockdown must be paid somehow. 😊

Ps. I'm trying to get a friend programmer to look over the project I was asking without any answer what hardware do you need to run it smoothly like splinterlands. He can make apps (senior dev) so instead of running web based stuff a real app state of dapps personally an app or a game is a game if it's a real installable app. I don't know why it's such a problem and soon I will hear where the bottleneck is.

Wow,so many rewards for giveaway.Thank you for doing this giveaways for us.I am going to vote to participate.

That's some consistency to be doing this 300 times in a row

Did you see the winner...
I think it is the first time in my life I win something at steemit/hive ;-)

Love your contests....

I am playing splinterlands only since 1 month ago, and every time I asked for joining a guild, someone told me things like: "mine it's already full" or "we only accept diamond or champion players", so I am playing alone... but that only made me love more the game and become a better player... thanks for this great opportunity and such awesome giveaway!!

Wow, 300 days! That does take a lot of dedication and you’ve done well! Congratulations mate!


300 is an amazing number! Thanks for the giveaways!

Thank you a lot fir such nice possibility!

It means a great deal to me. I will work hard for you to grow my channel even more so I can giveaway even more to you folks. Its been a pleasure getting to know a lot of you and here is to another 300 giveaways.

Any plan to take it outside from hive-steem platform and bring the traffic (on boarding) here?


Thanks for the chance!

Thank you for the DEC buddy, I've never bowled a 300, but your #300th giveaway is my new favorite number! 🤞

Wow 300 times is a lot. Are there going to be special prizes at the 365 mark?

It's great that on your 300th giveaway you have tripled the chances of getting 300 DEC at this time. And aside from that this Epic card Spirit Shaman really adds the flavor of today's contest. I am sure many people wanting this card as it is very hard to get an Epic card especially when you are opening a low number of a treasure chest.

congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

Congrats for giveaway #300.