Splinterlands: 600 DEC Giveaway #399

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It's time to slang some purple rock my friends. I hope you have all been well. Today's Giveaway will be simple and straight to the point. First lets see who won some DEC.
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500 DEC Winner

@wonderwop Winner my friend thanks for your support and love. DEC already sent

100 DEC Runner-up Winner

@blog-beginner Congrats my friend, DEC sent out.
"A variety of Dice cards giveaway would be great. I just purchased my first Dice card from the market today. Don't remember the name but it's a ranged monster with shatter ability. Love it"

Today's Giveaway

Comment a sport that is really not a sport. (Dance)

Extra Support

The best biggest help is setting an auto vote for my post.
Up-votes and re-blogs are huge and much appreciated.
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Chess. I really think that should be a sport though.

Bowling. Any sport where alcohol makes you better, isn't a sport.

i must agree with @nathanpieters with golf. i cannot see those people as athletes.

@jenmarti correct. if they were athletes they would know that the green runs east-west and that hitting the ball north into the wall of my duplex is fucking dumb and that's why i take their balls.

Golf. I live by a golf course and these fat sacks of geriatric shit are not athletes. They're rich and boring and their game sucks. Thanks for the balls you 10 moa shooting fucks

that's too funny, thanks for the laugh buddy.

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Curling 😁

Thank you so much for the DEC 3J

I think bowling 🎳 is not a sport because you can hold a beer 🍻 in one hand and bowl with the other.

Awesome. Thanks man.
I'll go with snooker or pool. It can be a skill not a sport. Hitting a ball with stick to hit other balls to pot them in holes.

Ultimate Frisbee has started to become quite popular these days.

Taking care of kids
Should be at OS I Think....

Definitely fishing , people sit on the chair for hours waiting for a fish to come by.


Also if I like to play them and they have the word "sport" in the name...e-Sports are NOT a sport!



hahaha. this is hilarious. let's say darts (if it's on espn, they must think it's a sport)