Splinterlands: 1200 DEC Daily Double Giveaway #395

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I am feeling like a million and I hope you are too. It's been a while but its back baby, Daily double. One lucky random winner will get 1000 DEC and a runner up winner with the best comment will get 200 DEC. First lets announce some winners from Monday then the guidelines for the daily double giveaway. Good luck to all and thank you for your support and love.

500 DEC winner

@sayee congrats my friend and thanks for the support. i feel like you haven't won for a very long time. DEC already sent

100 DEC Runner-up Winner

@wonderwop I love how positive you are even though your battle and challanges make mine seem so petty. Keep on keeping on my friend. "Chemo is going good and I'm feeling strong like bull. 💪🐂
threejay 65 3 days ago
word on the street is that your hung like a bull too, stay strong my friend."

Daily Double Giveaway

Comment what you would change with @splinterlands or Hive if you had one wish. (I would want a mass onboarding that not only brings noobs to the game but also into crypto)

Extra Support

The best biggest help is setting an auto vote for my post.
Up-votes and re-blogs are huge and much appreciated.
You can use my affiliate link although I have no idea how it works lolz. https://steemmonsters.com?ref=threejay
Go give me a follow over at @monster-burner this will help support many new players including our free guild for new players go join here

That is all folks, I will see you in a few days for the big winners. Stay safe and stay earning.


Thanks a lot. It was a real nice surprise. dec received.

nice giveaway! I am in!

Your current Rank (15) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 91%

Lower the power-down period.
HIVE is not attractive enough because of it.

Thank you for the DEC 3J. We need another tank healer for the Death Splinter. 🤞🤞🤞

Thanks for this giveaway :)
It's my humble opinion: in Hive I would take away the possibility of self-upvote
Have a nice day

With Hive it's easy - get rid of the 5 minute curation window penalty and front running bonus!

On Splinterlands maybe an addition - a new rule set - all cards are levelled down to the loweest level of any card played - applied seperate for common/ legendendary/ epic and rare.

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I would like a mass onboarding too. Hoping.

@tipu curate

I would absolutely LOVE to see an ability that adds to magic or range the way that inspire adds to melee

Hive. A extremly Easy entry and Some steps for steps manuall and videotutorials

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Thanks, threejay for hosting continuous giveaways for other splinterlands players! Keep it going.

We need a Cleanse for Earth Splinter. I keep losing because my Tank gets Afflictioned lol

I would like to see other filters in the game market, to take a best look of the cards.

I want a dungeon crawler game that is based in the Splinterlands and incorporates our decks.

i would like to have a ruleset in which you can only use range monsters, and another ruleset which is only magic monsters. i think it will be fun to add those ruleset beside only melee mode.

Hello! I wanna join! Upvote for you with my low HP

Native mobile app!

I would like to introduce summoner as a reward card since every new player need essentially summoners till now only dragon has been given as reward summoner

I would roll back the collection power requirements to climb up the league's but at the same time have the leadership board rewards there in place. Let people go for higher leagues if they have the skill and let people remain in lower leagues if they wanna battle for the rewards.

I would change chances to receive Reward cards in loot chest, for e.g.
39% card - 30% dec - 30% potions - 1% (Orbs)/Dice/???

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