Splinterlands: 600 DEC Giveaway #396

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Hello World, oh and all of you too. There is a lot happening lately as the @splinterlands team is staying in motion. The @splinterlands team has a fast moving and full road map they are constantly updating and checking off boxes. In today's post I will first announce some big Daily Double winners, then I will post today's giveaway and finally we will take a look at whats happening in the world of @splinterlands and their development. Now lets jump right into this like a diver, head first.

Daily Double Winner of 1000 DEC

@libertycrypto27 winner of some phat chucnky DEC. Thanks for the support, DEC already sent buddy.

Daily Double Runner-up Winner of 200 DEC

@jemmarti Congrats my friend, these are some great ideas and I would be stoked for a magic only rule set.
"i would like to have a ruleset in which you can only use range monsters, and another ruleset which is only magic monsters. i think it will be fun to add those ruleset beside only melee mode."

Today's Giveaway

Comment one of the greatest people in any category anythings of all times. (Norm McDonald comedian)

Whats The Team Been Up To

  1. Land Pre-sale will go live in October allowing people to reserve their plots of land for half price. This will be a major part of the game in the future. Don't be left behind.
  2. Now @splinterlands accepts more than 20 different crypto's. Each new currency added brings some more eyes on this amazing project. it also helps stabilize our investment.q.jpg
  1. Activion incubation lab is a bit more in motion now and it seems they will be offering a couple of developers possibly full time.

Extra Support

The best biggest help is setting an auto vote for my post.
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i love your posts about that game, but they disqualified themself for me with their last changings

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Shakira is the greatest human being in my oppinion.
Her music makes me feel good :D

wow I'm very lucky
Thanks a lot @threejay

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Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest men for me.
Without using force he combated racism and violence.

JRR Tolkien, one of the greatest authors of all time.

Hi its been a long time. Finally made it for the giveaway.
So there are many great people I can name, but I will go with - MAHATAMA GANDHI
A great man who got India its independence. A lawyer by profession and a preacher of non-violence.

I will go with A.P.J Abdul Kalam who was called the missile man in India.
He was a scientist and contributed so much to Indian space organization (ISRO).
He used a cycle put the rocket in his back for his first attempt that much dedication for rocket science.
He was so intelligent and calm person.
He was selected as Indian Prime minister in 2002
15 October 1931 – 27 July 2015.

Arsene Wenger, arguably the greatest football manager in Arsenal Football Club.

barry sanders was the greatest running back i have ever seen carry the ball. it was poetry in motion. maybe that makes him the greatest poet ever, too.

Douglas Adams -fiction writer. He wrote some good stuff.

Henry Cejudo, Olympic Wrestler/ Mixed Martial Artist

Adam Sandler. BEST OF ALL TIME feel good movies.

and thanks for the win :D


Lionel Messi. the damn best football player ever on the pitch.

Jesus Christ - The greatest human being

Honinbo Shusaku - Go Master

Siddhartha Gautama

M.S. Dhoni, the best Indian cricket team captain of all time. Just a great leader from behind the stumps.

My father.