Splinterlands: 250 DEC Daily give away #282(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW Required)

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Give away 282, it's a palindrome and you know what that means, Its time to give away some DEC. Thank you to all who partook in yesterday's giveaway. The winner of the 500 DEC from yesterdays daily double was @simplifylife, congrats my friend. A first time winner here so lets go give a follow and a lot of love. DEC already sent my friend.

Today's Giveaway
*comment weather you prefer the mountain or ocean(I love the sea).


That is all for today my friends. We are just 5 days away from the end of month monster give away and it will be my craziest give away yet.


I love tge sea too, Don't really have mountains here!

Thsnks for the DEC mate!

Actually I love both..
If I have to choose one then Mountains

the sea is the best

I love the sea

I'm a mountain fan.

i love lakes


I would prefer the mountain as I love to see green surroundings.

would prefer mountains

ocean =)