Splinterlands 600 DEC Giveaway #391

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Welcome back my friends, I hope you have been well. Today's post I will announce Mondays winners and then we will post today's giveaway. I will finish today's post with some simple house cleaning. Now lets jump into it like a kid jumps into a puddle.

Monday's 500 DEC Winner

@evolved08gsr Congrats buddy and thanks for the comment its hurting me too. 500 DEC already sent.

Monday's Runner-up 100 DEC Winner

@nathanpieters Winner winner, I feel your pain buddy. DEC already sent.
"I normally average about 80 cents a pack, making it break even since I buy most from Hive-Engine. I'm still in champion level, but damn are the rewards shitty across the board!

One account is rated 3700, but stuck in silver 1. If they're going to install paywalls, why the hell not adjust the ratings?

@yabapmatt maybe you could adjust that so that we are not reminded that we are good players relegated to the j69 bot wasteland.

Today's Giveaway
Comment any thoughts you have on the Dice cards. (I Sold all of mine so I haven't played them but I do see a couple I have my eye on.)"

House Cleaning

  • For any of you out of the loop I have changed my giveaway format and you can read all about that here
  • @monster-burner has another tournaments for beginners go sigh up here
  • Land sale is on the horizon so start saving your DEC as the pre-sale will be 50% off and another 50% off if you use DEC at the current price.

Extra Support

The best biggest help is setting an auto vote for my post.
Up-votes and re-blogs are huge and much appreciated.
You can use my affiliate link although I have no idea how it works lolz. https://steemmonsters.com?ref=threejay
Go give me a follow over at @monster-burner this will help support many new players including our free guild for new players go join here


They are awesome and a real game changer once you are up on top. There will be new metas and many have beaten me with them. That will certainly shake things up a bit.

Thank you! We'll get through this. I still have enough hope that they'll figure this out, but it's a tough going right now for sure...

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Dice summoners seem great! But haven't given dice a real attention!

I used the new dice summoner. It helps my level 1 cards.

Cards are good, but because of the "Power" feature there's no reason to buy them.

I have a couple of Dice cards and I am eyeing the Battering Ram to level up - that card looks very useful.

I dont understand why I Should buy them...

dice cards seems nice but for me as a small one its too expensive :(

See most cards are only 1 or 2 cents worth and i need to buy packs for 3000 DEC its nor running well... because the amounts for the cards got CRACKED by some less Players which arent interessted into the game so the complete card worthy get broken!

I haven't bought dice cards yet. 🤞

This is the pack I won in your giveaway 3J 🤞

i have not bought any dice card. I just buy Cards in low price to increase my power most of it Reward Cards

Nice for new players but I still have to upgrade my betas first.

I only have a few level 1 cards, but I like a couple of the monsters and will be buying them on the market when I can. But to be honest, I'm HODLing most of my DEC for land purchases.

the last dice and packs were recently a disappointment (no pack luck). therefore I use my DEC to buy cheap epic or legendary cards to get more power.

i like the summoners that add abilities to friendly monsters rather than just buffs and debuffs. it's a fun twist that you got from the untamed legendary summoners, but this is nice for only 3 mana.

there are a couple others i have my eye on too, but i'll just grab them on the market. i didn't bother buying any dice. they won't be worth the dec - similar to the pack problem. the mean is blown out of whack by the very rare GFL skewing the average pack value too far up. the vast majority of orbs and packs, and now dice, will be worth well under their buy price.

I think they add more fun to early player because of cheap summoners that give abilities instead of buff/debuff.
I love Lorna Shine and Mylor Crowling!

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