Splinterlands: 600 DEC Giveaway #401

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Welcome back my friends, congrats to Hive on a successful fork. I asked your opinion on how often I should do giveaways and to my surprise many of you enjoy the twice a week post. I may stick with this but I'm not sure yet. These are exciting times and although I have no inside information but I have a good feeling about this. I will be announcing the winners of the 900 DEC along with today's giveaway. Thanks for all of the support and non stop love. Now lets jump into this like a moth into a fire.

500 DEC Winner

@fsc69 congrats my friend, I believe you are a first time winner but I'm sure this will not be the last time. 500 DEC headed out.

400 DEC Runner-up Winner

@mango-juice Congrats my friend as the runner up is pick by me I chose to go with the pay to win model lolz. You have helped supported me for well over a year and it means a lot. Have a great day my friend and I will send it as soon as hive-engine is up again
”Nice giveaway! I am in! and a splinterlands vote is coming on board!"

Today's Giveaway

Comment a little thing you love about @splinterlands(when a card shakes and explodes into a legendary card).


Extra Support

The best biggest help is setting an auto vote for my post.
Up-votes and re-blogs are huge and much appreciated.
You can use my affiliate link although I have no idea how it works lolz. https://steemmonsters.com?ref=threejay
Go give me a follow over at @monster-burner this will help support many new players including our free guild for new players go join [here]

That is all for today my friends, have a great day and stay safe.


very nice

When my Chicken is the only card left on the playing field.

When I open up the first season reward card. Like a small child at christmas

I get excited when opening packs and dice.

its opening the chest/packs and seeing a yellow border :D

Beating a maxed team with lower level team :)

When my rewards cards don't turn into potions. 🤞

I love the sound of cards turning into gold foil. So satisfying.

if you go into a battle and you see your opponent has a bunch of golden cards in high levels in his ranks. but in the end you win because you set up your monsters better.

I like how differently I can play the same splinters depending on the combination of cards.

Beating someone that has higher level cards who's obviously purchased quite a few cards with my bare basic ones.

i love when i know i'm going to lose a battle so i rage skip watching and then i actually won.

Rewards rewards rewards - love opening up chests!

The sound of magic attack!

When I got a legendary card out of reward chest

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The land expansion looks promising. Any thought about it?