Splinterlands: 600 DEC Giveaway #402

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I am back Jack, and feeling great. Sorry for the lack of post but I've been busy and then spent a couple days off grid. There has been so many developments in the last week and a few coming soon. I will announce winners, today's giveaway and finally try to tackle some of the recent announcements. Now lets jump into it like a junky into rehab.

Winner of 500 DEC

@pardinus winner winner, congrats my friend. Thanks for all of the support and love, DEC already sent.

Runner-up Winner of 100 DEC

@minimining I feel you, its a lot of fun, thanks and DEC already sent.
"When I open up the first season reward card. Like a small child at christmas"

Today's Giveaway

Comment what recent of upcoming announcement is best for the strength of @splinterlands. (I think the Brave Browser partnership is a monster and should bring good things).

What's New

  • The biggie was that Brave Browser is the official browser of @splinterlands and now accept BAT for splinterlands purchases.
  • Electronium is a mobile mining crypto and is also now accepted in @spinterlands
  • Land Pre-sale has a countdown clock in game and has been a major reason for the big jump of DEC price.
  • The next airdrop card is right around the corner and the card looks beast.
  • The beginners tutorial is live now and as long as you have untamed cards you can give it a go.

Extra Support

The best biggest help is setting an auto vote for my post.
Up-votes and re-blogs are huge and much appreciated.
You can use my affiliate link although I have no idea how it works lolz. https://steemmonsters.com?ref=threejay
Go give me a follow over at @monster-burner this will help support many new players including our free guild for new players go join [here]

Thanks again for your support and I hope to return to normal posting soon.


imo the land pre-sale is by far the most important thing in that list, because it's going to draw in money that cannot be easily withdrawn, since lands can't be burnt. people who get in on this are probably going to be promoting splinterlands' longevity over a very long time

I've been using the brave browser for a long time and have saved quite a bit of BAT tokens. But I haven't seen any Splinterlands adverts in the Brave browser so far. Splinterlands advertising in the Brave browser would be good

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Brave partnership for sure! Although I'm really looking forward to the expansion. Oh, and thank you!!

I'd love to see users able to use BAT in splinterlands that would be awesome :P

I find the lands to be the biggest thing.
If Lands with spells could spice up the game, it could be easier to get people to stay in the game.

I think the introduction of land will have the biggest impact. The resulting spells and items will completely change how battles are fought.

I think the land will bring a ton of money into the game and totally change game dynamics. I doubt that much of that will be new money, pretty much all coming from existing whales most likely, but it should still be good for the game in the long run.

The land pre-sale has made DEC stronger and that is great news for Splinterlands and all of us Splinterholics.

BAT accepted by Splinterlands

For sure partnership with Brave/BAT is a very good thing, but IMO Lands pre-sale it’s the first step toward a revolution in SL as card game and SL as investment!

I think Brave would be a good thing. I may not buy land. 🤞

The partnership with Brave will introduce a new user base to Splinterlands

Bat on hive

thanks mate!
To reach new players I think its most important. So integration with BAT is huge