SPLINTERLANDS: Booster pack and 252 Daily DEC Give Away #252 (NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW )

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Give away 252, its a palindrome and to celebrate this palindrome I will also be giving away 1 Untamed booster pack as well. Just follow the comment instructions below, good luck. Just a reminder interacting on my post on steemit and have will increase your chance of winning.

Yesterdays winner was @cuko, congrats 251 DEC already sent. Go give her a follow and some love.

Today's Give away
Comment something that goes good together(coffee and donuts)

Reminder- 1,000,000 DEC tournament is on 3/29/2020 check my photo for details.


That is all for now folks I will see you tomorrow!


Road trips and Starbucks.

cookies and milk

weed and music

pizza and coke

Bacon & Eggs 🥓 & 🍳 🤞


sexy girl and music 😆😆😆

guacamole and chips

Thanks for the previous giveaway!

Sun and Sea ! 🌞🌊

Sausages and ketchup

coffee & cigarrate