Splinterlands: Special Announcement plus 250 Daily DEC Giveaway #286(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW Required)

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What a unique yet bizarre time we are living in, I hope we all are able to take it in and learn something from it. Today I will be doing my first official announcement and giveaway post. I will be doing these when there is some thing note worth to post I don't want any of you to miss. Today these is definitely one of those but first yesterdays winner of 250 DEC was @simonjay, congrats buddy 250 DEC already sent out. They say never trust a man with two first names but I trust him.

Today's Give Away
*Comment if you rather receive DEC on steem-engine hive-engine or either.


Today's Announcement
*Okay today's announcement comes straight from the Splinterlands team and has is a promotion to celebrate the bitcoin halving of 2020. The halving of Bitcoin just means that each block mined will only have half the amount of bitcoin in it. Splinterlands promotion of the BTC halving will be a promo card called Halfling Alchemist. Below are some of the basic things to know and today's picture will show you the card level stats.

Type: Epic neutral
Print amount: 12,000
Gold Foil: about 240
Bonus: promo 10% DEC
Ability's: Halving(new) redemtion (at Level 4)

How and when do you get your Halfling Alchemist? This detail will be revealed on May 3rd, the day before the promo even goes live. For a much more in dept look on the new promotion along with the $2000 worth of BTC tournament prizes comming soon please read the Splinterlands link below.


That is all for today but don't forget about the end of month monster giveaway in 2 days. Win 3000 DEC, a booster pack, an orb, steem, and or Hive.



Either is good

Another great Splinterlands post and giveaway!!

I cant wait to share with you and everyone the splinterlands project I'm launching in a few days.

either was is good

For obvious reasons, more trust Hive

march 3rd
maybe may 3rd??

changed it, thanks

Hive engine. That would be a good reason to login and start using hive engine.
I will start using hive engine when I win another giveaway of yours.

cool buddy, will do

I will like on steem-engine.

I use both of them! :)


The same, but probably we'll gradually shift to Hive engine

yeah Im in the same boat

this seems like a common thing

Either for now.

roger that

preferably hive engine, still less liquid market (at least for DEC), but more and more important things are moving there. (and for a good reason imho)

Halfling Alchemist looks really interesting and with some armor/health buffs he can be pretty brutal too :)


Hive over Steem in all things including DEC distribution.

Same here my brother, I just wonder how many others even know hive-engine is a thing?

@aggroed seems to be making a pretty good effort to get the word out. I imagine it will start to get traction in the coming weeks.

Im good with either.

I would rather receive DECs on hive.


Hive-Engine as we should transition there

Your favorite way buddy. 👍👍