Splinterlands Worse Pack Ever, Updates, plus 600 DEC Giveaway #390

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It been a while my friends, did you miss me? Okay lets start off today with this unbelievably booster pack I opened today. I have had really bad luck the last 6 months with booster packs. At one point I had opened 9 in a row with an average of .13 for the entire pack. But today I put that to shame with what has to be the worse @splinterlands pack ever opened. It had a combined total of .08, A $2.00 pack contains .08 worth of cards. I post this here not to feel sorry for my self but instead to laugh. Sometimes things are so head scratching all you can do is laugh. here is a screen shot of my pack.
come on.PNG

What's new

First a big thank you to all who support my post and giveaways. We have created a great little community threw my giveaways. As mentioned on my last post, earning have gone way down on post and @splinterlands rewards. The main thing is I do not have the time to play the 50 matches a day I need to maintain my giveaways. I have decided to do a 600 DEC giveaway twice a week. These will be posted every Monday and Thursday, winners will be paid on those days. I will be busy for the next two months but after that things should settle down and hopefully get readjusted. I plan on going back to an every day format after that. I will let you know when I know.

Today's Giveaway

Comment how if at all your earnings have been effected by the power score (You already know).

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I normally average about 80 cents a pack, making it break even since I buy most from Hive-Engine. I'm still in champion level, but damn are the rewards shitty across the board!

One account is rated 3700, but stuck in silver 1. If they're going to install paywalls, why the hell not adjust the ratings?

@yabapmatt maybe you could adjust that so that we are not reminded that we are good players relegated to the j69 bot wasteland.

Rewards have been terrible! What am I supposed to do with all these potions!!!

The new update has most definitely affected earnings and rewards. I am actively trying to bolster my collection power so I can move to Diamond II.

Yes, it has affected my earning to a great extent. My daily quest rewards reduced along with the dec I win oer battle.
Ofcourse season end rewards dropped by 90 chests.
So yes it's a very big impact.

My earnings went up a lot and I am actually enjoying the game more since I am getting harder opponents.

I think my earnings have gone up a little.

As new player the new update has affected me because has created a wall that has a negative effect in my game experience Breaking the hook that the fist day maked me play. But nom i am here playing and scaling because the game is funny.

i hate that update, i played me and my cards into gold all th time once into DIAMOND, and now im only allowed, to play silver 2.. there is NO CHANCE for me to get up that anymore, because the cards im able to get get maximized minimized... cmon really, that sucks...

My main and my gold account did not suffer (they are max level power).
I have an experimental account with nothing invested but the starter pack and that one took a serious hit (which I think is appropriate when comparing its past earnings to my other accounts it was ridiculous)

I'm not sure if it's the power score but my DEC went down to around 23 per win. 😠

I'm not focused on earnings, but for sure for early gamers like me (1 month) this change had a big impact

Tbh I havent noticed but I wasn't paying attention to that.

I always have bad luck with packs except the last 3 that I won.

My PS is very low beacuse I have just a few months playing but renting card helps a lot

The new update is terrible and has severely impacted my ability to earn more rewards cards.

Before update:

After update:

Packs can be tricky sometimes but the exciting opening them is worth it! Better luck next time

Thanks for sharing!

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i have two accounts. my main account seems mostly unaffected at this point. my lower account was pushed down into silver 3 (though i was regularly running to champion 3). i moved some stuff around to get down to bronze 1 and it's now become a legit dec farming account. the rewards are trash (one chest per quest and they've all been alchemy potions lol) but i am up to around 4K points with most win streaks in the low 20s before i take a loss. i'm earning like 600 dec per day and am on pace for over 8K dec this season with my bronze level account. i'm earning around 20 dec per win and i only play the account down to around 80% capture each day

Definately affected. Especially rewards... I got exiled to silver from diamond league!!!