Steem Monsters: 243DEC Daily Give Away #243 (NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW )

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It's that time again to give away some more purple rock so lets jump right into it. Yesterdays winner was @coffeedrinker112, congrats DEC already sent my friend. Go give a follow and some love because that's how we do it here.

Today's Give Away
*Comment your crypto panic level at the moment(0 but I wish i had more fiat to buy the crash)


That is all for today folks. Don't forget at the end of every month I do a monster DEC give away and lately i have given away booster packs and orbs too.


all G

A panic level? I didn't know I was supposed to even have one. So I guess that would be a 0

I lost a lot of money

  1. Just keep what i have

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0 I just wanted to have money to invest.

I am not worried at all but I am only investing money that if I lose is a bummer not a big deal. Also I always keep some in stable coins.

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0 not at all...

Not panicking 😎

stressful, but not as much as the stock market. I have a lot more in stocks than crypto. Just plain stressful.

Not panicking at all.
Just disappointed.

0, if you have nothing you loose nothing:)))