Steem Monsters: 244 Daily DEC Give Away #244 (NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW )

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After about a week of the Tron shit show we are still fighting so please don't forget to vote for real witnesses. Okay now lets give away some purple rock. Yesterdays winner of 243 was @guurry123, congrats buddy, 243 DEC already sent. Go give him a follow and some love.

Today's Give Away
*comment someone you respect in the crypto community (@vitalikButerin, he always calls out scammers and dirty shit like the tron take over or craig write aka fake astoshi)


That's all for today, I will see you in 24 hours with some tips too.


I my country I respect someone called Masta Zuly. He is crypto trader expect and he also a leader of group called Bawang Army which is to expose all scam programe or scheme

@clove71 is a great part of the @splinterlands team who supports a lot of us players and works to spread the game.

yes, this is so true she is the best.

@taskmaster4450. read his blogs posts daily. Tons of info and total expert on crypto and steem/steemit.

@jaynie is fabulous 💕


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Thanks for DEC
I would like to mention @cloce71

@taintedblood ! ahah <3

@aggroed he combines what it takes to running a business with the liberal views of the crypto society

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