Steem Monsters: 247 Daily DEC Give Away #247 (NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW )

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What a great day to give some DEC away. With a hard fork on its way in it creates even more instability in our world and what is good for countering instability? Core strength, so stay strong my friends. Yesterdays winner was the great and powerful @shaidon, a fellow stand up comedy fan and all around nice guy. Go give him a follow and some love. 246 DEC already send buddy.

Todays Give Away

  • Comment if you know about the upcomming hard fork called Hive, also if you know how it will effect splinterlands (Im waiting on more info).


That is it and that is all for today, I will see you tomorrow.


I know about it but I don’t think it will affect Splinterlands too badly. They are waiting to see if it’s stable before they switch over.

I want to know how it will effect all Dapps on steem

Hive? I haven't heard of this. I'm going to have to dig deeper on this subject.

Waiting for info as well, a lot needed and of all sorts!

I have vaguely heard of it but don’t know all the details

Def not sure

Sorry just now seen some posts and trying to understand it

I listen for about an hour about it today, but I can't really say I understand it. 🤞


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I assume no one would venture such a move without involving aggroed and matt. Therefore Splinterlands will move over to Hive for sure. They have been talking about how, in case of such an 'emergency', the game could be migrated to another chain even before the whole Tron thing.

Yup know about the hive fork, from what I heard so far they want to support hive with splinterlands but will initially stay on Steem until everything on hive is settled.

I've been looking forward to the Hive fork since it was announced. I hope Splinterlands moves over and it all goes smoothly.

This fork scares me. I wonder if I'll still be able to use herons and blocktrades without any issues!

Monitoring info/learning

I heard about it but not much more in the details. I would be supporting it to avoid JS.

I heard of it ! I think its a great idea to get over the sunset and losing Sun. 💚