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RE: Case Study: Splintertalk Curation and My 10% Downvote Rubric

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So, what do you think about a post like this?
Travelgirl is a valued member of the Splinterlands community, but over 4000spt for saying the season will end in a couple of days might be a lot, no? And then again, who is to say what is valuable and what is not and what is the max reward a post should get.. The Koreans are very dedicated to this game and strong as a community where I almost feel like if someone posts something about Splinterlands everyone votes no matter the content. And isn't it their right to do so? It's a very tricky thing, because they also invested a lot into the game and spt, but that is an issue with Steem as well, so in the end it's about the people thinking about their actions and how they should be in the best interest of the game/community, not so much about a couple of individuals..


That’s specific post would not get downvote under this specific rubric. But that’s just me. I agree that it is overpaid, though.

It’s difficult, and it shouldn’t be difficult. Yet, I don’t think there’s a silver bullet solution like rubrics and trails.

What I really want is to normalize downvotes such that nobody has to post their rationale. Just downvote and move on. In this case, I felt compelled to post because, unfortunately, people are still confused by downvotes.