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RE: Splinterlands Strategies: Escaping the Curse of the Silver League

Great point about the @splinterlands bid-bot ROI being diminished with the new upgrade. I just put in the usual 2,000 DEC for my new post, and hadn't even thought of that. However, an important ADDITIONAL benefit of the $3-4 USD bid-bot vote ( at 2,000 DEC ) is that I always hit the trending page of #steemmonsters and/or #drugwars for my series posts, and that draws additional upvotes and followers. I guess we'll all need to experiment with the bid-bot to see if it remains feasible. Thanks for mentioning this important point...


You can buy cards with DEC, something I missed on the OP. I think that's what I will do with them now. Other than that, it's simply trading them for STEEM.

What's going to raise more in value? The cards or the base token? None of us know the answer.