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RE: What's the difference between Splinterlands and Hearthstone? Let's start with Gameplay.

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Excellent. I've been exploring a consistent series of games, as they come to my attention over time. It's enlightening to find out that the (what I believe to be) high quality of Splinterlands grew out of people who were actually successful at a reputable game. I had been thinking that you had just developed the idea from scratch, but this adds more dimension and appreciation, and CONFIDENCE in the fact that you guys know what you're doing. Personally, I agree that the "on your feet", quick decision-making needs of this game keep it FRESH. At the same time, the decision to add the in-game token was (in my opinion) what created the long-term viability of the game. For me, the resource allocation/management aspect of the game is JUST AS enjoyable as the active battling, and adds some serious dimension to the experience. Yes, looking forward to your analysis of the economy of these specific games...