"Splinterlands" Power Strategy Tips #77


As I have now been playing "Splinterlands" for over TWO YEARS, I've wanted to contribute something of ACTIONABLE value to my fellow players (and FUTURE players) - but NOT just fill my #Hive feed with daily images of quest reward - or battle - SPAM (no offense to those doing so). Ultimately, Hive is about ADDING VALUE to the social experience - that is the magic of blockchain social media technology. So, after some serious pondering, I decided that a semi-weekly ""Splinterlands" player strategy diary"" type series, with CONCISE and ACTIONABLE tips, would be of most value to my audience. Please let me know your thoughts (good and/or bad), and I hope that readers (now and into the future) will benefit from this series. If you gain a better understanding of blockchain, gaming, "blockchain gaming", marketing, psychology, addiction science, geopolitics, forensics, law, guerilla warfare tactis, ethics, philosophy, accounting, ergonomics, investing, anger management, the occult, and/or any other area(s) of knowledge I end up exploring (voluntarily or involuntarily) as this series naturally progresses, then I will have done my "good deed" (of providing value) for the week, AND can then do a few "bad" deeds (HEDONISTICALLY speaking) - AND have a little extra Hive to buy/upgrade some more Splinterlands cards, and/or buy some more swap.btc ( #Bitcoin ) and/or swap.doge ( #Dogecoin ) . Also, feel free to hit me up on the battlefield.



Note: It's been a very HECTIC week, and so I wasn't able to get the second weekly post done. I have A LOT on my plate right now, trust me. This week I will be working on ADDITIONAL tweaks to my PUBLISHING workflow strategy, with the goal of being able to get back to the "two posts per week" goal. One thing I notice is that creating this post is sort of like painting a picture. That is, I do the writng and collect the images, but if I don't just open the "new post" page and start pasting the prewritten text and then inserting the images there is a tendency to procrastinate, and the result is that the pace of posting suffers. I'm working on solving this issue. Stuff happens. All in all, I am quite satisfied with the progress of this series over the year-plus I've been developing it. We ALL need to focus on the "positives" right now. It's the only thing that will get us through these turbulent times - like when Picasso was painting his "Guernica" masterpiece about the nature of war. Creativity and innovation, in my opinion, are really the ONLY things we can hang onto in the toughest of times. And creativity and innovation, in my opinion, are the ONLY things which are going to get us out of our current catastrophe...

But I digress...


1 ) In light of the nice new addition to the previous post in this series, I will continue dropping one "battle of the post" into each post, to help keep things GROUNDED, and to showcase some of the new cards (especially the gold cards) which I am buying daily, AS WELL AS showing some of the cards and/or rulesets in action, and demonstrate some of the improvements in my skills in daily gameplay. I plan to drop ONE battle per post, along with a brief commentary on why I believe the battle is significantly interesting, and worth the reader spending the time to click through and watch the battle.

"The Wealthy Gambit" gold tournament (1 of 2 won battles)

Tournament link: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=tournament&id=eb6ba52f91b747afb2afb6dcc120691c9530158f



Although my policy has been to NOT join any tournaments with an entry fee of more than 10 DEC, I saw that this one had only 37 players signed up, and I had some SIM tokens which have accumulated in the past few months (~2,500 worth - which was the entry fee for this tournament), and so I figured that since the SIM tokens were "passive" income I would just throw the 2,500 DEC worth of SIM at this tournament. This specific battle, above, was a VERY FINE one, with a FORMIDABLE opponent, and which really put two of my most valuable, and rare, gold cards ("Minotaur Warrior" - Gold - Level 3) and "Spirit of the Forest" - Gold - Level 2) to productive use. The "thorns" summoner was the major game-changer in this battle, along with the power of these two super-cards. Winning this battle got me up to 2 (out of 11 total) won battles, and ultimately the determining battle which put me above the three players necessary to place at least 32nd in this tournament, and thus win 15,000 DEC. So that was a 12,500 DEC profit, which I will be using to buy the third (of "three plots per month maximum") plot of land from my guild buddy. This was a very sound risk as my DEC was down below 1,000 DEC and this gave me a much-needed boost for my basic monthly in-game expenses (in line with my current strategy (outlined in previous posts). This also shows, again, the value of the "buy one gold card per day" strategy. My current sizeable collection of gold cards BOTH made it possible to at least be ELIGIBLE to enter this tournament, AND to place at a level which earned me a nice 12,5000 DEC profit, which is equivalent to ~ 32.273 x ~ $0.313 USD/Hive = ~ $10.00 USD profit. That's BOTH $10 USD to offset the original cost of these cards, PLUS the same amount to INVEST in an additional land plot, which will pay "dividends" into the perpetual future. As readers probably know by now, my MAIN strategy always considers how any action I take in the game can be LEVERAGED to increase future income in the game.


2 ) Earlier last week I won one of the tournaments (I believe it was 2,000 DEC ) and in an effort to bump my in-game DEC balance to 15,000 DEC (to buy the "one land plot per season") I got hit with the "pay for play" BUG and transfered the 2,000 DEC from my in-game wallet over to my TronLink wallet, and then to TronTrade.io to then exchange the DEC into #Tron. I know. I almost "went there" again. It happens. I own it. "Pay For Play", and "Shit", and "Shitcoins" happen. Luckily, in this case, the "crypto gods" interfered in the process and it ended up being the case that since I only had like 1.0 Tron in my TronLink account I was able to PLACE the limit order (to trade DEC for Tron), but that used up my remaining 1.0 Tron, and when I then changed my mind and decided to CANCEL the order I found that I didn't have enough Tron to actually cover the "cancel fee" to cancel the limit order. By a stroke of luck, "Lord Google" lead me to the https://faucetcrypto.com/ref/746118 crypto faucet site (referral link in case anyone is interested, but feel free to just sign up on from their main page if you're interested (reasons below) : https://faucetcrypto.com (no agenda here)). Since I only needed 1.0 Tron to be able to cancel the limit order and get my 2,000 Tron back into my in-game #Splinterlands account I decided to invest a little bit of my limited time to play around with this faucet site, with the ultimate goal of earning the needed 1.0 Tron to get my 2,000 DEC back.


It turns out that, although I generally avoid faucets, this one is actually SOMEWHAT well-organized, and has some #gamification elements so that the more tasks you complete the higher levels you obtain, and the higher level you are at the more you earn. Now, we're talking small money here, but it turns out that AFTER the recent PUMP of #Dogecoin, Doge settled at basically around the same price as Tron (~ $0.05 USD ), and since it has been possible for me to earn at least 1 Tron or 1 Doge per day with this faucet I decided to stick it out for a few weeks to see how much I can earn daily to buy Doge. I was also able to successfully make my first withdrawal of Doge from this faucet directly into my @hive-engine account, and it is nice to be able to SUPPLEMENT my "one weekly post payout buy of swap.doge with, let's say, 7.0 Doge per week (1.0 Doge per day from the faucet activity). I know this may seem INSIGNIFICANT, but if - as I CONJECT - Doge has additional future PUMPS (like the previous one, where I missed out on ~ $1,750 USD of profit, which could have been used to buy another TRACT of land) it could end up being worth the effort doing the faucet tasks throughout the day. It's not too inconvenient. For instance, if Doge PUMPS to $1.00 USD/Doge then that would be a significant amount of value to then exchange for BTC and/or Splinterlands cards. In the next post of this series I will update y'all on how much Doge I was able to earn for the week (seven days since the first withdrawal) with this faucet. It can't hurt to experiment.




3 ) In the previous post of ths series I explained that I would spend the rest of the week considering and researching my proposed "alternate semi-weekly buy of swap.btc and swap.doge using the payouts from the two weekly posts in this series" strategy. I have been successfully keeping track of the price movement of Doge and BTC, and my general findings REINFORCE the soundness of this strategy. On the EVIDENCE end of things, Doge APPEARS to have settled in at the $0.05 - $0.06 USD price range, at least in the past week. If it can hold at this level (that is, NOT tank) then I believe it is FEASIBLE to use ONE of the weekly payouts of HBD (converted to Hive) to make one weekly buy of swap.doge. On the other hand, I have learned that one major difference between Dogecoin and Bitcoin is that the SUPPLY of Doge is NOT LIMITED. This means it doesn't inherently contain the same "deflationary" effect, via limited supply, as Bitcoin, and since Bitcoin has show to be CONTINUING to rise, via my daily monitoring, this also REINFORCES my longer-term strategy to do the two ALTERNATING buys. So, what I did was use the payout from the PREVIOUS post in this series to purchase 0.00005230 swap.btc, in line with this new strategy. The payout from THIS post will then be used to purchase swap.doge, in line with this strategy. Plus, I also have the trickle of weekly Doge from the faucet site to increase the amount of weekly Doge purchase. I am MUCH more bullish on Bitcoin right now, but the "PUMP factor" of Doge makes it a feasible risk going forward. If I deem Doge to be not worth the effort at any time in the future I could convert the swap.doge to swap.btc or Hive and buy cards.




4 ) Well, it turns out that I hit the minimum estimated TWO airdropped "Theodora Nightshade" (non-gold) cards. Those were quoted, on the day of the drop, at around $6.75 USD per card. At the time of writing this sentence the cheapest cards on the market is selling for $19.90 USD. That's a nice bump in value, and it offsets the amount of DEC I spent on the total 403 Dice packs over the past few months. My HOPE is that the price of this card will be within reach so that I can obtain at least FOUR more and bump this one up to Level 3 to add the "triage" ability, but right now the price seems to be climbing quite high. Maybe I will be able to figure out a way to get the DEC together to achieve this. If I hit a high-value card in rewards drops I could burn/sell that to get this one up to Level 3. At the current Level 1 it is a bit too risky to use in battles compared to other 1 Mana cards I have. One thing I CAN do is experiment with this card in tournament battles to at least "get a feel" for it.


5 ) Okay. As I have done in the previous posts in this series, the highly-detailed "diary" of my daily #splinterlands activity is laid out in the last part here, for those of you who are inclined to follow, more closely, what I am doing. It occurred to me that this "diary" section is JUST THAT - a highly detailed record of my daily activity in the game, with some JUICY "play-by-play" analysis notes, and commentary, on what works, what doesn't, and some suggestions for further tweaking and experimentation. So, with this in mind, I hope some/any of you will enjoy this information. If not, you are under no pressure to read it fully, and are free to SKIM, or even IGNORE, any parts, or ALL parts, completely - at your discretion. I lay this out because it also HELPS ME to document my progress in the game over time, and may help some people NOW, and into the perpetual future...


February 17th, 2021

Starting DEC : 76 DEC
Starting Capture Rate : ~ 89.87%
Ending DEC - 1,046 DEC
Ending Capture rate : 71.65%
Balance = DEC Earning = 970 DEC = 2.498 HIVE x ~ $00.292 USD/Hive = ~ $0.73 USD

Note: Spent most of the day (until the evening) playing ONLY tournament battles in order to allow my capture rate to replenish to ~ 90.00%.


1 x "Maggots" (Gold - Level 3 - $0.69 USD - 836 DEC -- three (3) cards remaining to Level 10 (max))

Daily Quest (today's "fire" quest)
keepers -
(+) 280 DEC
nonkeepers -
(+) 10 20 20 DEC
potions - 2 legendary potions, 4 alchemy/gold potions
Untamed - 0 packs
DEC - 38 DEC

Untamed (season milstone pack for reaching "Diamond II" season level - +10 loot chests =-> + 50 season loot chests)
keepers -
(+) 80 DEC
non-keepers -
(+) 20 DEC


February 18th, 2021

Starting DEC : 210 DEC
Starting Capture Rate : ~ 100.00%
Ending DEC - 989 DEC
Ending Capture rate : 83.35%
Balance = DEC Earning = 779 DEC = 1.944 HIVE x ~ $00.318 USD/Hive = ~ $0.62 USD


713 DEC spent on 1 x "quest" potion

Daily Quest (today's "water" quest)
keepers -
(+) 30 DEC
nonkeepers -
(+) 20 DEC
potions - 5 legendary potions, 1 alchemy/gold potions
Untamed - 0 packs
DEC - 55 DEC


February 19th, 2021

Starting DEC : 277 DEC
Starting Capture Rate : ~ 100.00%
Ending DEC - 840 DEC
Ending Capture rate : 74.44%
Balance = DEC Earning = 564 DEC = 1.359 HIVE x ~ $00.303 USD/Hive = ~ $0.41 USD

Spent: Skipped buy of daily gold card to see if I win 15,000 DE or more by placing in the "The Wealthy Gambit" tournament.

sold 1,468 SIM for 3.011 Hive (on @hive-engine)

sold 4.76 Hive for 2,000 Hive

paid 2,500 Hive to enter "The Wealthy Gambit" tournament:

713 DEC spent for 1 x "quest" potion

Daily Quest (today's "death" quest)
keepers -
(+) 360 DEC
nonkeepers -
(+) 10 DEC
potions - 2 legendary potions, 2 alchemy/gold potions
Untamed - 0 packs
DEC - 49 DEC


February 20th, 2021

Starting DEC : 127 DEC
Starting Capture Rate : ~ 74.44%
Ending DEC - 15,433 DEC
Ending Capture rate : 81.16%
Balance = DEC Earning = 15,306 DEC = 42.738 HIVE x ~ $00.265 USD/Hive = ~ $11.32 USD


713 DEC for 1 x "quest" potion

won 15,000 DEC for placing 30th in the "The Wealthy Gambit" tournament! The increasing power of my gold card collection made it possible to turn the 2,500 DEC entry fee into 15,000 DEC - and be able to buy the 3rd (of three) land plots for February 2021!

converted 2.540 HBD to 9.776 Hive, and then deposit that 9.776 Hive into @hive-engine and bought 0.00005230 swap.btc. My current swap.btc balance at the time of the new buy was: 0.00021474 swap.btc, worth $10.75 USD (total swap.btc holdings).

Daily Quest (yesterday's "dragon" quest)
keepers -
1 x "Spirit Druid Grog" (non-gold - Level 1 - $1.15 USD - 1,000 DEC -- bumped up to Level 4 (max) to add "headwinds" ability)
(+) 40 DEC
nonkeepers -
(+) 10 DEC
potions - 5 legendary potions, 2 alchemy/gold potions
Untamed - 0 packs
DEC - 144 DEC

Daily Quest (yesterday's "water" quest)
Note: Complete one (of five) battles. Went on a long bike ride today. Will finish this quest tomorrow.


Whew! These posts are growing dense - but that's okay. Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest. I hope you find some/any of these tips useful in increasing your understanding and/or skill level in the Splinterlands and/or any other game(s) - and the " blockchain gaming " industry as whole - which I end up exploring as this series evolves. More JUICY tips to come with each semi-weekly update, as I dig deeper into this whole REVOLUTIONARY PHENOMENON, and become more experienced and successful in the game(s).

See you on the battlefield...


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