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RE: Splinterlands Ambassador Program Announcement

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Awww the problem is Estonians generally are staying away from cryptocurrency. I know very little estonians that deal with Cryptocurrency and even less people that know about steem.

I have tried getting my friends to play but they lose motivation really quickly when they only earn about 0.1$ a day from bronze league (which is amazing in my oppinion, that you can earn from playing a game)

I constantly remind my friends of how well I have done on Steemmonsters and that they can do it too (I basically made a 200$ steemit account into 2400$ using mostly Steemmonsters :D ).

Alot of my friends promised me that they will try to start playing again once they can play from an app on their mobile phones, so that's what I am waiting for.

I am 99.9% certain that no nearby shops or corporations don't even want to hear about this idea, since it's too new and crazy sounding to them.

Btw Estonian is a REALLY advanced country when it comes to technology and internet, but IDK why Estonians are so against cryptocurrencies. (Probably because Estonians don't want to risk with anything they have earned).