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RE: Loot Chest System Update

in #splinterlandslast year

so 1% is an Orb. But what if ORBS run out, and while we wait for a replacements do we have 1% to get absolutely nothing from some of the chests ?

And also I'd like to say that I really like this update, and I would actually love to see skins from rewards (But as I saw someone point out in discord, that in that case skins should be made tradeable, since if you aquire multiple of the same skin it becomes useless)


100% agree with this for the exact reasons specified. I might possibly go mad watching a useless pile of cards stack up in my deck with no way to do anything with them, but also, if I like the original art better than the skin I'd like to be able to sell or trade for one I do want.

Honestly, I just want options. As much as I love and enjoy this game and community one of the biggest draws for me is having control over my assets... unlike every other game on every other platform, and I think as long as that promise remains fulfilled I'll be pretty content with whatever rolls out. 😁

Yes, we plan for skins to be transferable. Also when/if orbs run out then they will either be replaced by something else or you will just get one of the other items in the chests that would have contained orbs. There will never be nothing in a chest.

I think skin should be made limited, just because it's available and useless, don't over give it and make it a junk item.