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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

in #splinterlands2 years ago

I think that the tournament quest is not really fun for me personally, as I miss alot of the tournaments I want to participate in (I know settings alarms and stuff, but I just don't want to do that) so maybe having an option to disable that quest would be nice, since it's not part of the usual ranked gamemode.

Also making the quest splinters always active will make the games played less, because of the accounts that only do their quests. I feel like that shouldn't become a thing.
Because if you get a 5 win streak then you will be only playing 5 games a day, as before you had to do maybe 10 or more games to get the quest done.


About the tournament quest I see really a big problem. Look for today: Their was one tournament 19 hours ago, than one goldfoil tournament where most players cannot participate and than 5 hours ago the next regular tournament. So you go out in a tournament and have to wait 14 hours for the next tournament ?

Or take another point: From now on their are only gold / diamond tournaments in the next 24 hours, what if you take the quest in gold league but fall down back to silver league - you should than pay DEC that you can participate in tournament and you need this participation to solve your daily quest