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RE: Loot Chest System Update

in #splinterlandslast year

I kind of understand that with this, it will lower the influx of over populated cards that usually either get sold or burnt in the long run.
However I am still uncertain at what point that you get all the probabilities.

For example I think bronze league only get 1 reward; so the probability of getting anyone of them would have been very different, compared to if the card is going to be an epic card, would the probabilities of other values such as potions amount / dec values be increased?

When you run the probability: the random value picked is say: 10 cents worth.
So would it be a probability of getting:

  • 10 cent worth of a card?
  • 10 cent worth of DEC?
    (in case the potions worth more than 10 cents)

Would that be a fairer probability?

Or maybe this logic would probably not work at all?