What has 2 tentacles, 8 arms and a stinking attitude?? Want to find out?? This week's @splinterlands share your battle challenge - Giant Squid

in #splinterlands5 months ago


Hello, and welcome to my entry for this week's SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE. The SYBC is a weekly contest run by the curators of the @splinterlands account, where by following a few simple rules, you can win a juicy upvote for your post. Each week we are asked to share a battle that we have taken part in, where either a certain battle theme or specific monster has been used.

This week, the incredible @carrieallen has asked us to share a battle where we have used the WATER splinters own ink squirting, deep sea terrorising, slippery customer - THE GIANT SQUID:



Well..... Funny story!! I wasn't actually going to take part in this week's SYBC. You see, I only had 1 giant squid card and that was only at lvl 1 and when you're playing in the diamond leagues, hoping to make DIAMOND 1, every battle can make the difference, and including a weaker card can really hinder your team and mean the difference between a win or a loss.

I play #splinterlands on a daily basis, and enjoy collecting the DEC to flip for #untamed card packs. Then, out of nowhere, while opening up a pack I came across these beauties -


You've got to admit, that's a pretty decent pack opening?? Not only did I pick up a GF narwal, a bad-ass legendary card, but now I'm the proud owner of a GF giant squid (lvl 2).


Now that I was armed with a decent enough card to not weaken my fighting DECK (too much), I set about finding the perfect battle to use it in.


Here was a great opportunity to use my newly acquired giant squid. A relatively high MANA game, where I could pack it with heavy hitters, but still have enough mana left to include the range attack of the GS

Watch the massacre unfold HERE

Once the cards were revealed, I was a little relieved and disappointed, all in one moment. Playing #splinterlands towards the higher end of DIAMOND 2, I expect that my opponents teams would be of a similar strength to my own. But the moment I saw what was put in front of me, I thought "OK, I got this", closely followed by "how does such a weak team make diamond leagues".

As you can see, I loaded my team up with some of the biggest hitters in the game. The magic attacks of the water splinter is a very effective weapon in the splinterlands.

My lvl 3 RULER OF THE Seas is a beast, and gives all my team +1 speed, so not only am I using my summoners ability of +1 magic, I'm also firing first.

With very little effort I tore through his goblin mech and bipassed the armour. I made short work of the rest of his team and rounded off with a very comfortable win.


I almost feel cheeky submitting this battle to be considered, but I did use my giant squid, and with the formidable line-up I put together, I probably would have made short work of a lot of teams.

So would I change anything??

Ummm..... Apart from dropping the giant squid to either add my medusa or coral wraith, not really, but then that would have defeated the object of this whole SYBC post.



Dude. That was a very nice pack opening. 🤣 I just got excited FOR you.

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