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RE: Case Study: Splintertalk Curation and My 10% Downvote Rubric

in #splinterlandslast year (edited)

It bothers me that I don't leave an explanation of why so many red flags.
I told him everything because I was so upset that it would damage my reputation.


For the record:

I think you do wrong by giving negative feedback without leaving an explanation, you can save what you want, I don't care, you should leave a comment explaining that your label cannot be used for other things, announce before giving a lot of negative votes, but who can beat you, son God because you have Sp, or at least they believe that, I'm just going to leave it to God, which gives you for giving me 4 red flags, without explaining because, after a while, I find out that his label is only for steemonsters, and if you are avenging because he sells all the cards and I left the game it is something else, I accept that I did wrong to use his # in another publication, but It was to ignore that your label can not be used for anything else, of course as now they will earn money for giving negative votes, starting the party to destroy others, when you want to sign giving negative votes, you are God.

You know what you did.