Splinterlands Art Contest - Camila Sungazer

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Kind regards to all my dear Hivers!!!

This time I have my participation ready for this week's #Splinterlands art contest, this time I dared to make my design based on one of the new summoners that the game has... I mean -=Camila Sungazer=-.

Respecting the color palette of the original character a little, I worked based on that, of course, changing and adding some details that I made for the design of this character and I hope you like the version I made of this summoner.

Thank you all and have a happy and beautiful Wednesday but taking care of ourselves in these times of pandemic... See you soon. ;)


I started with a traditional sketch that in the end was a little dirty and I decided not to put it, this sketch I passed to PS and I worked with the values to build an idea of how I wanted everything.


In this part, add the colors guiding me from the original character and add a face, a face that I later discarded. XD


In this part I worked and finished the scepter and also added highlights and shadows to my illustration.



And finally I finished the details that I was missing I also made the hair and the face was more as I wanted... I played a little with the lights and voila!!!




Wacom Bamboo Tablet


Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.


See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜


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Cuánto tiempo te tomó hacerla?? 😱

Gracias querida Fabi. ;)

La verdad es que muchos, muchos dias, PS me esta dando muchos problemas, borra y hasta daña mis archivos PSD mi laptop esta muy lenta... necesito una nueva.

Creo que sin esos inconvenientes unas 20 horas aproximadamente.

Podrías realizar un formateo y instalar windows de nuevo, no instales la nueva actualización de windows 10, trae mucho errores y deja la computadora muy lenta, por eso yo desactive las actualizaciones en mi pc, instala la versión 2, con tal de que no sea la ultima no pasara nada malo.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Wow, this so cool.
I don't know how much time you needed for it but I can say that this is a masterpiece.
I liked it way too much.
Liked the whole thing actually.

Can you please add your splinterlands referral link your splinterlands related post (include this one) which will help your readers get into the game easily.


Hey, I hadn't realized it... from now on I will place the link of the game for those who enter and do not know it, are encouraged to register and play.

Thank you very much @ashikstd, I am very happy that you liked it, I hope the whole #Splinterlands team liked it too as it was done with a lot of love. ;)

I bet, everyone loved it.
It's glorious...


ummmm I don't think so but thank you very much for watching and supporting me. ;)

Mujer, cada vez es más espectacular su arte, no me va alcanzar la plata para comprar el anillo de matrimonio.

hahahahahaha hombre, a reunir mucho entonces. ;)

Awesome work!!

Thank you very much!!! ;)

No se como lo hace, pero me encanta, sobre todo porque lo haces todo de una vez, quiero decir sin lineas que seguir sin boceto.
Eres increíble.

hehehehe aunque no lo creas eso no es tan bueno ya que te puedes acostumbrar solo a eso y cuando necesites realizar algo tradicional se te complicaria, se debe realizar con precaucion... yo diría un 50/50 o sea el otro 50 con bocetos y así agilizas la mano. A menos que solo quieras ser artista digital y ya. XD

Gracias querida Francis por venir y apoyarme nuevamente. ;)

Vaya.. siempre te destacas.. me encanta.
Saludos 😉

Saludos Cesar. ;)

Bueno cariño intento mejorar cada día quizás por eso lo ves así... super agradecida que hayas visto y apoyado mi trabajo. <3 <3 <3

Woww quedó genial _

Muchas gracias Tony. ;)

Wonderful illustration! It's subtle yet it has a powerful effect on the viewer. The light on the staff (technology) and the light on the hand (self strength) radiating on her sinous body, which is accentuated by the robes flowing sensually about her. Bold defiant poise. Her hair is nicely done- reddish tones and yellows- like burning flames.

Wow @litguru if you have detailed my work very well, I think that in your opinion you left nothing out... I'm glad you liked it. ;)

Thank you very much for your support and wonderful words. ;)

wuo my dear triz, we can see more and more how talented you are my friend ..!

I loved the shades of colors and brightness and in all your creation is magnificent with an art like yours, words simply fall short ..! NICE JOB

Monstri kisses and hugs ..!

hahahahaha bilingue la niña... muchas gracias, me hace muy feliz que te guste. ;)