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They’re not always grumpy. They can be happy, sleepy, bashful, or dopey. Dwarves get colds sometimes, and they can even be medical professionals.

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Splinter - The Burning Lands

Class - Second Tank

Size - 18 Chickens (but extremely heavy)

Lifespan - Dwarves have a much shorter lifespan than Humans. Before a Dwarf is twenty, his hair and beard are always fully gray, and few Dwarves live past thirty-five. They don’t waste any time in reproduction; by the time a Dwarf woman is twelve years old, she has typically given birth to at least twenty Dwarf children.

Weapon - Thanks to their immense weight, Dwarves can carry incredibly heavy weapons. They usually favor a good swing from an axe or hammer, especially since their arms are too short for them to be good at throwing.

Habitat - The most concentrated population of Dwarves can be found in the glorious Cave City of Zariba, in the lower spine of the Molten Mountains. Several scattered Dwarves can still be found in the other Splinters, but they are remnants from before the Splintering. Dwarves are unfortunately too heavy to travel by ship.

Diet - Dwarves eat various molds, fungi and mosses that they carefully cultivate in their underground home. Many of them are self-sustaining, and others are “fed” by bits of organic matter, such as the Dwarven Hairglop. Since Dwarf hair grows extremely quickly and they must cut it daily, the invention of Hairglop was perfect for both waste management and food production. Plus, it’s not as disgusting as it sounds.

Allies - If you’re looking for the perfect shining example of friendship between races, look to the Dwarves and the Kobolds. Any traveler of the caves of Molten Mountain will quickly see odd pairs of Kobolds and Dwarves, laughing, trading gifts and exchanging stories with one another. Dwarves have little need for the gems and stones they find while crafting their intricate caves, so they usually just give them to the Kobolds, who are more than grateful.

Enemies - When the so-called Exploding Dwarves emerged from the depths of the mountains they caused all sorts of problems for the regular Dwarves of the Burning Lands. Homes were destroyed, things were said, feuds began… They still don’t get along well. The Serpentines of Sskah City tend to kill Dwarves on site, so they are also considered an enemy of the Dwarven people.

Pastimes - Since they have everything they need in their deep caverns, Dwarves spend most of their time beautifying, expanding and perfecting their homes. In the Dwarven areas of Zariba, the sound of tiny chisels can be heard any time, day or night. To outsiders, the sound has an incredibly pleasing, almost hypnotic effect, like rain falling onto wood.

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