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Yo ho ho in the sand and mud
Soon we spill some monster blood
Yo ho under evening sky
We hold strong or else we die
Yo ho kings of the open sea
A pirate’s life and death for me.

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Pirate Captain

Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Class - Sniper

Size - 40-60 Chickens

Lifespan - Pirate Captains live an adventurous life, full of risk and hazard. Most Captains die young, but happy and surrounded by their crews.

Habitat - Although sometimes they have homes in the islands of the Archipelago that sit empty, most Pirate Captains live on their ships. Even the extensive waters within the borders of ΛZMΛRÉ are not usually enough for a true Pirate. His home is where there is adventure, treasure and a story to tell.

Weapon - The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ have their own special brand of firepower that makes the explosions of Goblin POWder look like child’s play. Each Pirate Captain carries a musket designed by the Inventor of Anenon. The secret blasting method utilized in these muskets involves a combination of combustive stones and magic. If a Captain is captured, he always makes sure his musket is destroyed so the powerful technology does not fall into the wrong hands. Using the same technology, Pirate cannons can blow large holes in ships and Sea Monsters alike.

Diet - Pirates take great pride in their deep-sea fishing equipment. With it, they can catch large, exotic and delicious meals from all over the world. They also tend to drag several unfortunate chickens out to sea with them for their eggs.

Allies - Pirates are allied with Pirates alone, and even that alliance is on shaky ground. One crew is quick to backstab another when treasure is on the line. If the Pirates stand for anything, it is ΛZMΛRÉ’s age-old right to not be ruled. The Captains of the Pirates are the most brave and inspirational leaders anywhere in the Splinterlands.

Enemies - The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ are long-time enemies of the Goblins of Gobson. Goblins have the numbers, the ships and the explosives to challenge the Pirates in a territory battle. The two cause such chaos when they meet, onlookers think they enjoy destroying each other’s ships.

Pastimes - A good Pirate Captain should always push the limits of exploration on the open sea. In their search for lost treasure and new lands, Pirates often disappear for years, only to return empty-handed. Many do not return at all. Still they try; the Pirate Captains know there are lands beyond the Splinters.


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That's a really good rhyme! :) Found your post through https://steemmonsters.club/ ads at the top.

one of the best game changer if combined with ragging impaller :D (for me) :D

Everyone wanted to become a pirate in childhood😉

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