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Beep boop. Make way for Rusty! Beep boop.

Splinter - Anumun

Class - Robo-Tank

Size - 68 Chickens

Habitat - This whizzing and sputtering mechanical creature known as Rusty Android can be found wandering the countryside of Lyveria from pub to pub. Some say he was a Goblin creation, but most Lyverians believe he landed with the recent meteor crash. You know, the one that glowed an eerie blue when it landed in Farmer Mather’s fields?

Diet - Although he does not eat, Rusty Android requires a regular supply of alcohol to stay operational. Purely distilled alcohol is best, but Rusty can digest wine, ale, whiskey, and just about any hard drink except for Naga blood rum. Don’t mess with that stuff.

Allies - Rusty Android loves making new friends in the taverns of Lyveria. Even though he is completely unfamiliar with this world, he speaks the common tongue very well and is always curious about Splinterland cultures. Lyverian farmers love him because he can drink with the best of them.

Enemies - Rusty Android has made it repeatedly clear that he has a problem with anyone who attacks with electricity. As such a complex masterpiece of circuitry, he cannot afford to have his system compromised by some primitive and angry thunder monster. Rusty has also mentioned that he is still hiding from his original master, Lord Arianthus, who will certainly melt his metal, should he ever find the robot.

Pastimes - Rusty Android especially enjoys spending hours upon hours listening to the stories of the old Lyverians in the taverns. He has unlimited patience, and he is endlessly fascinated with their experiences and their zeal for life.

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A drinking robot, pretty cool! 😂

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