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I found this season pretty challenging early on, and then I got sucked into a Defi black hole for the last 4-5 days of the season which put the nail in its coffin - so I only had 28 wins, compared to my more usual 70.

Despite that, I won 14000 DEC, compared to the 15000 I've won in the previous two seasons I used this calculator!

Having spent the back half of last week down said Defi black hole it's clear that in relative terms Splinterlands is not worth playing for the return, not when I can just stake Stable coin in a vault and earn an easy 30%!

Still, playing the game has become part of my weekly routine, so I'll keep playing, but I wont' be going at it as diligently as I used to!

Match Report


Diamond Rank216
Rating3387 - Diamond II
Rating High3533
Total Rating Movements (+-)1315
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0.85 (28/33/0)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)0 (0/0/0)
Longest Streak7
Highest Rated Win vs@playtricksonyou (3720)

Terrible Performance this season! My heart just wasn't in it, and I had a terrible run of luck with the Grim Reaper trying out for the Challenge of that week!

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Contessa L'ament1120.37%45.45%
Selenia Sky712.96%42.86%
Mimosa Nightshade59.26%20.00%
Chanseus the Great59.26%20.00%
Lyanna Natura35.56%100.00%
Daria Dragonscale35.56%33.33%
Scarred Llama Mage35.56%33.33%
Camila Sungazer35.56%66.67%

Contessa and Death because of the Grim Reaper challenge

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Furious Chicken2444.44%50.00%
Lord Arianthus1222.22%66.67%
Lord of Darkness916.67%44.44%
Shadowy Presence916.67%44.44%
Kelp Initiate814.81%62.50%
Prismatic Energy712.96%71.43%
Grim Reaper611.11%16.67%
Gelatinous Cube611.11%83.33%
Khmer Princess611.11%50.00%
Elven Mystic59.26%40.00%
Highland Archer59.26%0.00%
Corrupted Pegasus59.26%40.00%
Creeping Ooze59.26%0.00%
Skeleton Assassin59.26%40.00%
Undead Archer59.26%40.00%
Screeching Vulture59.26%40.00%
Captain's Ghost59.26%80.00%
Dragon Jumper59.26%40.00%
Spineback Turtle47.41%75.00%
Crustacean King47.41%50.00%
Fire Spitter47.41%25.00%
Crystal Werewolf47.41%75.00%
Fallen Specter47.41%25.00%
Failed Summoner47.41%25.00%
Defender of Truth47.41%0.00%
Feral Spirit47.41%75.00%
Ice Pixie35.56%33.33%
Cursed Slimeball35.56%100.00%
Animated Corpse35.56%0.00%
Screaming Banshee35.56%0.00%
Silvershield Sheriff35.56%0.00%
Mermaid Healer35.56%66.67%
Gloridax Soldier35.56%33.33%
Kron the Undying23.70%100.00%
Chain Golem23.70%50.00%
Pirate Archer23.70%50.00%
Dark Enchantress23.70%0.00%
Undead Badger23.70%50.00%
Earth Elemental23.70%50.00%
Gold Dragon23.70%50.00%
Death Elemental23.70%0.00%
Angel of Light23.70%0.00%
High Priest Darius23.70%0.00%
Skeletal Warrior23.70%50.00%
Sea Genie23.70%100.00%
Silvershield Assassin23.70%50.00%
Flesh Golem23.70%50.00%
War Chaang23.70%100.00%
Robo-Dragon Knight23.70%50.00%
Phantom of the Abyss23.70%100.00%
Lone Boatman23.70%0.00%
Scale Doctor11.85%100.00%
Sea Monster11.85%0.00%
Water Elemental11.85%0.00%
Parasitic Growth11.85%100.00%
Dark Ha'on11.85%100.00%
Goblin Chef11.85%0.00%
Tower Griffin11.85%0.00%
Sabre Shark11.85%100.00%
The Vigilator11.85%100.00%
Diamond Dragon11.85%0.00%
Ruler of the Seas11.85%100.00%
Swamp Thing11.85%100.00%
Tortisian Chief11.85%100.00%
Sand Worm11.85%100.00%
Warrior of Peace11.85%0.00%

Yup look - Grim Reaper - 16% win rate!

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Reverse Speed850.00%
Healed Out850.00%
Super Sneak560.00%
Back to Basics50.00%
Melee Mayhem425.00%
Weak Magic450.00%
Rise of the Commons450.00%
Broken Arrows475.00%
Noxious Fumes4100.00%
Equal Opportunity333.33%
Lost Magic333.33%
Heavy Hitters30.00%
Up Close & Personal366.67%
Aim True30.00%
Little League30.00%
Armored Up366.67%
Even Stevens250.00%
Taking Sides20.00%
Close Range20.00%
Keep Your Distance2100.00%
Fog of War250.00%
Target Practice1100.00%
Odd Ones Out10.00%
Lost Legendaries10.00%

Noxious Fumes is the high point - I got that!

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard352060
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold110000

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions2911440
Alchemy Potions51015750
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)11253612060

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
14936 DEC

Got lucky with a legendary!

A bit of a duff season, but that's because I'm losing the will for the dismal return on playing compared to playing the Defi game - that's just a bit more (hyper) real, more risk of course, more anxiety inducing, but also more rewarding when you see that money printer go brrrrrrr, which doesn't seem to happen with my Splinterland returns.

I think I'm going to take to staking for LAND for - creating NFTs via staking, it is basically a form of DEFI I guess.

Role on that aspect of the game, I say!

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Very nice!

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Gold Foil Epic to the rescue 👌

What De-Fi have you been looking into?

Great tool! Didn't know this existed, I'm out of Hive / Leo time for today but I'm going to check it out tomorrow, very curious to see how I did in my past seasons.
I suspect that Furious chicken will also be my most used card just like you. I have a gold foil one so I put her in every chance I get.

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It's a great tool, I bet the Chicken is everyone's most used card!

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My rewards have really been pretty abysmal the last couple of seasons, so that makes it kind of hard to really put your heart into it. I am really close to finally jumping into the DeFi thing I just need to move some funds around. I think I will probably have a renewed interest in Splinterlands once Land comes out.

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I agree on Land, more my thing!

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Not so bad when you pull a gold epic :)

It made up for about 50 matches worth of winnings.

Sounds about right! :/