DARK ENCHANTRESS - Character Profile

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Dark Enchantress - Character Profile

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Splinter - Mortis

Class - Magic Attack

Size - 32 chickens

Lifespan - Alturia Dragonforth, the Dark Enchantress, is suspended in her exquisitely beautiful Dark Eternal form as long as the Lord of Darkness rules over this realm. Only when finally he leads his people into the Dark Eternity will she follow him. For now, she sits by his side, as his queen and companion.

Habitat - The Dark Enchantress has a lavish apartment entirely to herself, deep in the underground portion of the Shrouded Palace of Mortis. There, she receives any materials she needs for her creative work and magical experiments. The Dark Lord protects and shelters her from the chaos of the Splinterlands, and the Enchantress would not have it any other way.

Weapon - The Dark Enchantress has no need for physical weapons, but in her prior life she was an expert marksman with a crossbow. Her targeted magical attacks are always deadly accurate, while still inflicting maximum damage. Her smoldering and captivating beauty is also a weapon that is capable of great destruction, and it works in mysterious ways.

Diet - Though Dark Eternals do not require food, they can still enjoy eating and drinking. Through a special dispensation granted by the Dark Lord, Lyverian food and spirits are constantly brought to the Dark Enchantress. She does not miss her living existence, but Lyverian wine is a nostalgic pleasure for her. It is a gift from her Lyverian ancestors, who are long dead and rotten.

Allies - The Dark Enchantress is loyal only to the Lord of Darkness himself. She has developed close friendships with some other Dark Eternals in the Shrouded Palace (such as the Twisted Jester), but she would destroy them in a second if her Lord commanded. She allows herself to be summoned to battle in the Gloridax tournaments only because the Dark Lord approves.

Enemies - The most orthodox of the Dark Eternal Sorcerers quietly despise the Queen, bickering among themselves that she merely distracts the Dark Lord from his important work of ushering his people to the Dark Eternity. For some time, they have been meeting in secret, discussing how to remove the Dark Enchantress from her position of power.

Pastimes - The Queen of the Dark Eternals spends most of her time on artistic and creative endeavors. She sculpts Dark Matter into hypnotically beautiful shapes, and many of her paintings are sold for small fortunes to the living wealthy of Beluroc.

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This poor lady need more love from SM :D

She's actually one of my favorite characters. Check this out! A little more exclusive history...

In the seventh century, the Lord of Darkness traveled to Anumün, where he met a young Lyverian woman who captured his heart. The young woman, named Alturia Dragonforth, fled with Lagfael from the Lyverian countryside and hid for two weeks in a cave in the foothills, where they discussed many things. Ultimately, not wanting to be separated from her Lord, Alturia signed the Dark Contract and immediately stabbed herself in the heart.

The Lord of Darkness hurried back to Mortis and made his way south to the Tar Pits of Creation. There he found Alturia’s soul in a wandering fledgling. He took her to the Shrouded Palace, where he placed her under careful guard and diligent tutelage. The finest Undead Priests and Revealers in the land were brought to the Palace, their goal to help Lagfael’s Queen find her first form. After weeks of toil, the flesh and bones had been stripped away, and Alturia emerged in her true form; a beautiful and mysterious Dark Enchantress. As Lagfael’s Queen and one true companion, the Dark Enchantress is highly elevated and respected by the Dark Eternals.

I know, it got a little dark. What can i say? It's the death Splinter. :D

Nice! Sounds a bit like Persephone. I resplintered this post. ;)

Yep :D
There are no new stories. lol
I have always loved classic literature. Thanks for resplintering!

Great to hear you're inspired by the classics! Looking forward to more lore from you. :)

Fantastic work with the Lore! this was really fun to read. Looking forward to more!

Thanks! :) Feel free to check out https://www.splinterlore.com/
It's still being developed and populated, but it will be the future home for all Splinterlands lore. :D

The first hardcover book will be coming out soon, and it's a whopper. About 200 hundred pages, nearly a hundred original images, and a lot of info about the Splinterlands. Stay tuned!

Awesome, the book will be a hit with splinterlands fans, I know it!

Interesting @chrisroberts,

I remember reading your last one and was looking forward to reading your next entry.

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