Win Black Dragon Lvl 1 (BCX 1) today - Golden Deals Report 18-03-2020



Buy tickets and win amazing rewards including Legendary SteemMonsters cards, SBI Shares and STEEM.

Rewards Table

ID: 1
Lord Arianthus Lvl 1 (BCX 1)
Completed: 28%
Buy 10 ticketsBuy 20 tickets
Buy 50 ticketsBuy 100 tickets
ID: 2
Completed: 26%
Buy 10 ticketsBuy 20 tickets
Buy 50 ticketsBuy 100 tickets
ID: 3
10 SBI Shares
Completed: 20%
Buy 10 ticketsBuy 20 tickets
Buy 50 ticketsBuy 100 tickets
ID: 4
Black Dragon Lvl 1 (BCX 1)
Completed: 18%
Buy 10 ticketsBuy 20 tickets
Buy 50 ticketsBuy 100 tickets

How to play

Use the appropriate link below every reward card or make a transfer of (tickets*0.1) STEEM to s77assistant using !buytickets(id,tickets) as memo (where id the id of the card, tickets you want to buy).
You can increase your winning chances by buying more tickets of a selected reward card or buying tickets from more than one reward cards.


Your choosen rewards is 10 SBI Shares and you want to buy 20 tickets.
To participate you can use the appropriate link below the reward card of your choice or make a transfer of 2 STEEM (20*0.1 ticket price) to s77assistant including the following memo:


If you want to participate in more than one rewards you can click the appropriate links below each reward card or create a memo like the following one:


This transfer must have a value of 2 STEEM because there are 20 tickets total (10 for each reward card).

How the winner is generated

When a reward reach 100% and at the time of post creation, s77assistant will pick a random winner with the following formula:
s77assistant will generate a hash from id+seller+totalTickets of the completed reward and get the first 6 characters convert them to decimal, divide them by max value 16777215 and multiply it by totalTickets of that rewardCard.

Reward ID: 1,
Seller: dragonblades,
totalTickets 125,
Generated Hash (1dragonblades125): 9b8c46eaa383602decb54fdfa2940925745bab005b2f17bed3cf12ad55306535,

968c46 is decimal 10193990 and the winning ticket is:
10193990 / 16777215 * 125 = 75.95 rounded 76

after the winning ticket is generated s77assistant will find the winner by putting all tickets in serie and get the 76th ticket.

Multiple users can buy multiple tickets at any time of a day and have tickets in multiple positions

All rewards would be transferred to you through s77assistant or dragonblades account in an one day window.

I Wish you Luck!!!


This post earned a total payout of 0.166$ and 0.083$ worth of author reward that was liquified using @likwid.
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