The Whale-Bear: The Serial.

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"In here", said Arn.
Arn drew back the bear-skin of the winter hut.
Fredian entered followed by Kague, and myself.

I am Trygve, I represent the Southlands people.


No one spoke.

Fredian, Kauge, and Arn surveyed the interior of the hut. Rock walls topped by a log and other logs forming the roof.
The area was large for one person. About 9 meters wide and nine meters long. Most of the rock walls are covered with bearskin. In the center was a fire surrounded by rocks. Across from the fire, his back to the far wall was an old man.

"You have many bear-skin," said Fredian, "are you a great hunter? Or are we?"

The old man looked up with a smile and said, "Sometimes their young do not survive - they have enough skin for an entire village."