Mohammad Shahzad suspended from Cricket by Afghanistan Board

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Mohammad Shahzad was not implementing the rules of Afghanistan cricket board and so the board decided to suspend the cricket license from Mohammad Shahzad. When any player travel to another country then he has to take permission and steak to the policy of the board before traveling to a different nation.

Moreover, Afghanistan Cricket board in their latest news that Afghanistan opener Mohammad Shahzad was not obeying the rules of the cricket board and so they decided to take the license from him. In the world cup 2019, Mohammad Shahzad license of cricket had been taken and so he has to leave cricket after playing first two matches of the tournament.

In addition, Mohammad Shahzad was remaining in Peshawar of Pakistan and remained there for practicing for this reason Afghanistan cricket board send him notice and told him not to do again the same mistake again. Apart from that, Afghanistan cricket board had fined Mohammad Shahzad and told him to come to Afghanistan Pakistan otherwise your cricket Licence will be is a risk.

Shahzad parents are from Afghanistan but Mohammad Shahzad remains in Peshawar of Pakistan from his early life and moreover, he married with a girl of Pakistan. His friends are leaving near to Afghanistan and Pakistan border so Mohammad Shahzad has to remain with them and enjoying the moment in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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